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Author Topic: 4ucarla (Edinburgh)  (Read 1183 times)

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This girl was a plan C punt, my backup Romanian that happened to be available. However I was pleasantly surprised!

link: https://www.adultwork.com/4ucarla

Large ground floor flat/house (?) on London Street near the sauna. Not the most discrete of places but it was very nice inside.

When I buzzed initially I was expecting to be let in to a stairwell to be honest but the door opened into a large, plush looking house/flat that I didn't get to see much of as I was escorted straight to a bedroom across the hallway by a very attractive looking Carla.

Initial impressions were very good.

We had a brief chat but her English really wasn't great and I only had half an hour since I was on my lunch break  :cool:.

Started out with some DFK and some great OWO and 69. She really seemed to get off on the 69 and was super enthusiastic. She did everything on her 'likes' list without fuss except anal. She said I was too big. This could have been a cop out but I can't be sure since I am actually reasonably well endowed and she is very petite. Otherwise, I had a great punt.

I had booked for half and hour and things naturally wrapped up around the half hour mark but she didn't seem like a clockwatcher.

On the way out I noticed another girl quickly go into one of the other rooms in the hallway and other voices which could mean that she is sharing with other WGs. She mentioned that she would be leaving Edinburgh soon but 'hadn't been told where her next destination would be' which made me worry a bit about trafficking? Nothing else up to this point made me think that but you never know.

PROS: Good looking, Nice body, Good comms, Enthusiastic
CONS: Location wasn't discrete enough, not permanently based anywhere by the looks of things  :(

I would definitely see her again if she comes back to Edinburgh any time soon. Now in Portsmouth according to her AW profile.

Offline SamScott

Sounds good and she looks amazing in the pics.

Same flat as I seen sexy Jennifer in (reviewed it) she said she was Spanish but I had my suspicions about being Romanian however she was a good punt too.

Not all Romanians are bad and thst venue can't be cheap! Unless some money bags pimp has it...

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