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Author Topic: Jade Massage (Leeds)  (Read 14299 times)

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Offline bod666

Ok so first up there was no sex involved in this meeting at all - it was a straight up massage, but (a) it was great, (b) the girl is nice and attractive, and (c) everything about it felt like a punt - so I thought I'd share the experience.

(And I'm secretly hoping that there may be a happy ending next time I visit ;) )


While surfing in ukp someone mentioned massages and had a link to gumtree.  As per I clicked on it then thought I'd have a look at what was in Leeds.  Came across this ad.  A lot of the ads on gumtree are blatantly escorts - how many legit masseurs advertise themselves wearing skimpy dresses?

Anyway Jade looks genuine and I had decided that I actually wanted a massage rather than a punt, so I decided to text her at lunch time.  And everything about the experience was the same as arranging a punt - cloak and dagger about where the location is, asking about prices, here's the postcode, "call me when you're outside".  It got the juices flowing in the same way as the anticipation to a punt does - but much cheaper than a punt.  This was how I knew she was genuine.  I've often seen "masseurs" advertise a "massage" for the same cost as a punt - that can't be right.  Who in their right mind would go see a girl for a massage when the same money can get you much more things being massaged?  Anyway - I digress.

After eventually finding the location I end up parking in exactly the same location for where I go to see one of my semi- regular escorts - the temptation to jack in the massage and go see the escort was VERY high at this point.  Anyway I persisted as I wanted to see how it played out.

Jade works out of a hotel (just like a WG), talked me past the security (just like a WG), directed me to her room, asked me how long I wanted, paperwork out the way then told me to take my clothes off! So far so familiar ;)

What followed was a really nice, relaxing massage - good amount of pressure, strong hands, I've only ever had a couple of "proper" massages before and this one blew the last one out the water. 

As far as I know Jade doesn't escort - but you never know whether body to body massage might be on the cards, or topless, or a happy ending.  I can hope.

Any tips on how to broach this subject?  At the moment I'm just thinking of getting completely nekkid next time and hoping nature takes it's course down below and she gets the hint.

She's been in Leeds for the last 6 months apparently - anyone out there in UKPland seen her for a massage and got any extras?

Apologies if I've broken any rules by posting this review in this section (as she's not an escort and doesn't offer those services).

Offline kleeds

I believe she does offer a Nuru Massage, isn't this the same girl- http://adult.vivastreet.co.uk/escort+leeds-ls9/goddess-touch-for-your-supreme-pampering--/94459169
You say she works out of a hotel ? She's got a massage table in a hotel!!

Offline bod666

Good detective skills that man! Defo the same girl. I may well give nuru a go. Might ask her about it next time i visit....

Offline softlad

Any tips on how to broach this subject? 

I'd broach the subject during my initial enquiry...
"do you provide a happy ending ?"
That's not offensive they'll get such questions all the time...

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Offline wristjob

Any tips on how to broach this subject? 

OK here's how. You post the question on a national forum and hope somebodies curiosity will get the better of them. Good plan?

Nuru is £40, HE is £10 extra  ;) :P :D :D :D

She has an odd accent, where is she from?

I saw a video of Nuru - looks amazing. Bloody tempted and it's a toss up between trying Nuru and https://www.adultwork.com/2360038

2 review(s) found for CUTE SYLVIA) linked to in above post (1 positive, 0 neutral, 1 negative)

Offline wristjob

That went soso....

You really need to be on foot cos finding the place is a total bitch - and finding parking is harder that doing algebra in your head upside down while drunk. I can't be the only person who had problems, lets face it the sat nav was doing most of the work, and there is no parking - why do women pick such stupid places?

I went for a Nuru - really fancied one. I walked in, got given a towel and told to shower first - fair enough. Onto a covered mattress and she starts greasing me up. She does the massage in bra/pants but I was naked. The massage was great til she got to rub her tits against me. I swear she was wearing some soviet era bra made from reinforced brillo pads. She has a decent pair of tits but no sensation of that, just hard and scratchy. I did ask if she did it topless - £20 extra.

I got asked about 4 times if I wanted a happy ending. To be fair all the clues said yes but it's never been my thing, I can do it perfectly well myself so I declined. I'm guessing I called on the Vivastreet number and the gumtree number is different, maybe she treats them differently - or I just look way seedier than bod.

I think the actual massage lasted about 15 minutes then another shower - that gloop is damn hard to get off.

If it had been with a normal bikini bra or topless it would have been great but as it was not so great. I certainly don't feel inclined to pay £70 for a a massage/HE though.

I'll definitely seek out someone else who does Nuru though - just from somebody more aligned with being a SP.

Offline bod666

Mr Wristjob you are a prince! "Jade" is Romanian. Proper nuru is supposed to be with some seaweed gel right? Supposed to be proper slippy. Lots of girls offer nuru but without the real stuff. Think its quite tricky to find someone offering it properly.
I agree her place is a bitch to find. So much so i was half an hour late.
It was annoying as it's actually really close to where Escort Tania works from - so much so i parked outside her place.

When i went to see Jade i really just wanted a proper massage. Now i've seen her tho & know she's my "type" i'll go back & ask for a HE.
I've read about tantric massages and they sound awesome! We shall see...

Offline bod666

I've also got cute sylvia on my hotlist. Very tempting - though one aw review says not a gfe so im waiting for a review on here.

Offline wristjob

She told me she was Romanian.

The gel was out of a tube. From what I've seen elsewhere it's something you mix with water and probably have more of so I doubt it was massively authentic. Not an option if you are going home to the mrs after really cos it really didn't come off well.

Half hour late here too. 1st time the sat nav sent me past it. Next 2 times I think I went round the back so was at my destination without seeing "the biggest building in the area". 4th and final time I went the wrong way hoping the satnav would send me at it from a different direction - genius :)

When I got to the building I was lurking outside on the grass - didn't get that I had to go in the attached building, kind of assumed she was coming down, and then for some reason the "0" on the entry system wasnt working or I was just being dumb after all that driving. Bizarre that she tries so hard to be discrete but answers the door in bra/knickers and people must notice her sometimes.

I'm figuring Chadwich Street area yeah? The problem for me was 7pm sat evening - no parking spaces anywhere.

Anyway 3 of us combining knowledge to get a result - nice one.

Offline wristjob

I've also got cute sylvia on my hotlist. Very tempting - though one aw review says not a gfe so im waiting for a review on here.

There's her and her mate, and they reused 2 profiles from the girl Moni I saw a while back - and pics from the same flat near the Tesco. As I was leaving I noticed the neg and it was a big part of what decided me - and the chance of a new experience. After the massage I decided to phone her and potentially be greedy. She sounds absolutely lovely, great English. Cum more than once in 30 mins which is tempting - I had a hair trigger after Jade so maybe I would manage it. She also confirmed no kissing so I toddled off home. To be fair £50 without kissing is ok but a few more higher up my list I think.

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