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Author Topic: BIANCA (Luton)  (Read 1012 times)

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Offline 8a8ylon

Was free in the afternoon and tried calling some WG in the local area that were about town & try to get a better price than ones quoted as none are over £1.25/mins.

Sadly no luck and given up hope. Was looking at pnet review & saw the below lady that was offering a good price/was fairly attractive.

 [[Link hidden, login to view]] or [[Link hidden, login to view]]

[[Link hidden, login to view]]

Anyway called to confirm if WG was working & price was correct.  It was & popped over.

Started with 1 hr but relieved it be a loooong hour & confirm if we can do 30 mins and I get £10.  She agreed (2nd time lucky, as most would say NO).  Actually spent 20 mins after the 2nd small pop.  Lots of boob touching/sucking.  OW & cover sex in mish x2.

Good price for those who just want to offer a warm body
Willing to let u fuck her
5/10 looks about 5" 4, so girl in PIC
No issue with number of condoms used
If you can u can pop a few times
Very nice/friendly

Not a lot of English, so it was a quite meeting which would make it feel very long if I stayed 1hr
Closed her eyes a lot
No kissing and VERY little give

Overall I walked out feel it was OK would of liked to stay for full 30 mins but she stopped after the 2 and pop + I was clock watching & since she wasnt giving me anything back to help excite me I wanted to leave as well.

If you do go I would just stay a Max of 30 mins but I guess u would leave after 20 mins sadly, very nice/attractive shame she doesn't kiss which would make a good 30 mins meet.  Can kiss everywhere but lips.

Retiring from buzz this Friday.  Location near PC world.

Offline MV12345

I would pretty much second everything you have said there.  Good VFM for a quick shag but nothing outstanding. Very easy to park though.

Offline 8a8ylon

When did you pop over & see her?

she does write in her profile that sex is always a pleasure and not a chore but that does not seem to have been your experience?

Offline 8a8ylon

That's being said you can share ur wildest dream but she won't understand you.. She more aware of slag terms than proper terms ie oral = blowjob

 its cheap if you just want a warm encounter, hold someone, fuck if you get hard but not bothered if you pop just the one out.

Overall she was nice to look at, kiss her body and very willing of you to fuck her 2,3 or 4 times in the hour compared to some ROM in the area who have strict limits, charge the earth & not give a shit if you come back or not.

I think this girl could teach them a thing or two.

Online Steve2

I'm glad I saw her just over a week ago then. It's a shame how some of them change so quickly


Offline 8a8ylon

In my review & that of pnet she wasn't a kisser or a talker... More eye closing & letting me just fuck her, willing without the dirty looks some EE give who hate the job.

If she did owo/kissing it would have been +ve & I stayed the hour.  I had done a selfie the day before so wasn't at my best.  But the rates are great.

Offline Jimmyredcab

But the rates are great.

You rate her looks as 5/10 and she refuses to kiss, I would rather pay higher rates for better quality, some of you lads would fuck anything as long as the price was right.  :thumbsdown:

Offline MV12345

You rate her looks as 5/10 and she refuses to kiss, I would rather pay higher rates for better quality, some of you lads would fuck anything as long as the price was right.  :thumbsdown:

What can I get for a tenner?

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