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Finally got a window to make the 4 hour (one-way!) journey to see:

https://www.adultwork.com/1267615 or https://www.adultwork.com/KatyMay

Fancied her for such a long time, and she looks the closest IMO to my favourite pornstar, so on the recommendations on UKP I went for it.
Comms were decent and after a confirmation, that I wasn't going to waste my time travelling, I set off. A call a few hours before was arranged to confirm myself to her but I was then told we had to meet an hour and a half later than originally planned. I was committed now anyway so agreed and the issue sounded plausible to me. Drove at 60 instead of 70 and this heightened the expectation a bit more. I texted an hour before the meet and she responded straight away (so not another punter squeezed in I thought) which then got me a bit nervous, weirdly, as this was definitely going to happen!
Then a surprise. A text saying do I want another girl to join us for a short time. I thought fuck it, in for a penny in for a pound, and agreed as I was doing an hour and a half anyway. Some more texts on arranging that and I arrived on time to the Costock place. Really remote and quiet, perfect.

As per her pictures. Very friendly and as others have said you are offered the drink (not something I'm bothered about but I'm sure she said it helps her settle a bit so a routine thing). I was introduced to Sharna, pretty and a more curvy girl, and then had a very brief tour which ended up in the right room. :)
Money up front, which I'm happy with, and after some sorting out with Sharna she came back to the room.
Started with FK and got her out of her clothes for an explore. Decided to go for RO immediately and this was verbally appreciated. Plenty of teasing my side of her clit, soft to firm then soft, and this resulted in her demanding fingers from me so went with 1 and then a little while later 2. Got the "you really know what you are doing" and "you're teasing me" out of her and this went on for 20 mins. I could have stayed there as I loved watching her body and face move with my tongue but I needed to fuck her.
I laid back ("Your turn") and she started slow, licking all around my balls and up my cock. Then wet, soft, no teeth (can't stand a toothy BJ myself) and I could feel myself growing in her mouth. A couple of deeper pumps of her mouth but not major Deep Throat (I think this is on her terms as others have said but I'm not fussed on getting it) so her technique was perfect for me. A real turn me on BJ. Eye contact was there and I was really enjoying it. Then "I've got to sit on that cock" and before I knew it she'd applied a condom and was lowering onto me. Fitted perfectly and the next 10 minutes was her fucking me on top in a variety of leg positions that I lost count. Really seemed like she was having fun as it was a mixture of banging hard, grinding and all sorts of motions. Only thing she had on was her shoes and I commented on them still on which got a response of "always keep them on".
Had to have her doggy so placed her on all fours. Immediately she reached into a drawer for a vibe "I need a vibrator" and presented herself to me. Vibe was put straight on high and she put it straight onto her clit as I entered her. I could feel it as I fucked her and went for it. Perfect height, size and position for me so went from standing to one leg on bed to really get some purchase!  :yahoo: She then kicked off her shoes so I thought this must be going well! She was contracting around my cock and it felt amazing. Her face was buried in the bed giving it noises that I hoped to hear until a last gasp and the vibe was switched off. I took this as a signal for change so did another 30 seconds worth (hate to overstay my welcome)  :D
I laid on my back and she took the condom off and just gobbled me up. Demanded I cum in her mouth. She had a look in her eyes as if to say you have no choice buddy you are going to give me your cum. I was in heaven at this point and to ice the cake my favourite song at the moment Sigma-somebody to love starts on the background music. I'm thinking that life doesn't get better than this, girl who I find amazingly hot, sucking my cock until I cum in her mouth and favourite music playing. 5 minutes later of non-stop cock sucking from her I came and the pleasure for me was off the scale. She didn't leap up, she kept her mouth over me until I'd finished cumming then very slowly went up and down my cock a few times just to make sure she'd got everything. First time a girl had really over-cared about finishing the job on me and I can't describe the feeling. Some hand signals to show she was going to dispose of my load (I guessed the bathroom- :) and I was on my own in absolute dreamland for a minute. Just lay there knowing I'd just done the thing I'd wanted to tick off for a long time and it was as good as I'd hoped it was going to be.
She came back into the room and immediately asked if I wanted Sharna to join us. I was in recovery mode and stupidly said not yet (what a fucking idiot  :dash:). A bit of punter awe for me at this time as talking to her was really pleasant (others have said she is really nice - totally agree). My mistake here as I ought to have driven the appointment more (my weakness and I must improve) and after a 15 minute chat she said "are you sure you don't want Sharna to join us" at which I said 'oh yes please!'. Katy then said "why didn't you say! You let me gab on!".
She went and got her but only 20 mins left so the girls kissed and we started to undress Sharna from the little she was wearing. Katy went in for a boob suck and encouraged me to as well. A little bit more playing and then Katy laid Sharna back. I went in for a kiss and Katy then started playing with me from behind which felt great. Katy then said to Sharna "you're going to enjoy this" "he knows what he's doing" and asked me to get stuck into Sharna's pussy whilst she straightened herself up a little. I wasn't going to refuse and without any words said hello in a Latin way. After a couple of minutes Sharna said "you really do know what you're doing" which is quite the ego boost!. It was fantastic to see her moving her body to my tongue. Katy then came back and I offered Sharnas pussy to her whilst I then kissed Sharna. A couple of minutes later it was time up.

I'm not one to stick around so put my things on to get out of their way. I was offered a shower, declined by me - I don't know why, and there was an informal offer to go the pub with them for some food I think but my head was scrambled and spinning so I just left :dash: . She insisted I text her when I get back to check I'd got home safe. The whole journey home was basically me with either my mouth open or saying a mix of "Speechless" "amazing" "fucking incredible". The next 24 hours was intense and made me feel alive (the after punt buzz :) ).

So, for me, perfect services and perfect look. My best punting experience ever.
May not be for others due to no Anal or Swallow and it being more a GFE than a PSE. If you are nice to her then I think she'll warm to you a lot IMO.

Too far away to be regular, unluckily for me, but glad I made the effort and I'll be back, somehow!

3 review(s) found for CINDYVERON linked to in above post (2 positive, 0 neutral, 1 negative)

Offline Steely Dan

Great report.  Don't worry about what others might want, or how you should manage a punt. Go with the flow if you want to - you got the buzz we all want.  Well done.  This is no competition.

So it was a 60 min 1-1 punt with a 30 min duo after?  is that what you planned?  What was the rate for that? Was Sharna just waiting next door the whole time?  She might as well watched or something.

Originally planned 75 min 1on1 with a 15 min duo. It was then switched to a 60 min 1on1 with a 30 min duo but that didn't quite work out as above. Rate was £250.

Sharna waited downstairs but if I had the imagination I would have asked for her watching!  ;) UKP always provides these new ideas, thanks SD.


It was an itch that had to be scratched. Trouble is I think I've only irritated it!
After my last visit I had an expectation that second time could never be as good. No buzz after occurred this time so something was different.

Took a huge gamble and booked her for a couple of hours in the evening. If you don't already know she is VERY hard to book on your times. You have to be flexible, local and patient if you want to see her much more easily. If you don't fancy her then don't bother as it'll just annoy you. This booking (she's pulled out of a previous booking due to poor planning) changed from an incall to an outcall and nearly got called off 2 hours before.

Major journey for me again (thanks to the rubberneckers, twice, on the motorways - cunts) made me 20 minutes late and just a mess. Met her at the hotel entrance (I'd asked her for a short dress) and I got a summer outfit of shorts (which I normally hate) and a jacket. Fuck me, she looked a million dollars. Took her by the hand past reception and I felt like a Prince as she was stunning (and I knew what I was getting). I could tell she knew my face but couldn't remember anything else, mentioning Shawna did the trick and got me a wealth of information.
Paid her, had the quickest shower of my life, then got stuck in. Got naked and FK for about 10 minutes. She laid back and I went for RO. This was where I think I made my mistake as I finished the job I'd started on my previous visit. 30 minutes down there easily. Her using my tongue for her usage for the majority of that time with me having to do very little. Getting her close then easing off. Then a little more work from me and the deed was done. I think I'd bet myself I could do it, secretly, but I think all this did was tire her legs out.
She laid me back and gobbled me up. A few minutes of this, condom on, and then she mounted me. This didn't last long though, a couple of minutes at most before she got off. She wanted me in mish but I said doggy. This for 5 mins then she said mish again as legs were tired. Thought so. Went for mish but I think I'm poor at it but she said I was doing good (ever the professional). 5 of that. Then she said she wanted me to come over her body. I let her know I wanted her CIM again. On my back and she set to work. Paused to tell me her legs were still shaking. Her OWO technique was the same without the occasional deep thrust so I wasn't getting there. Needed her kissing me to get me off and she took CIM completely (although didn't hang around as much this time to get every drop).
After disposal, she set about getting clothes on. I was surprised but having checked the time there wasn't much left. Having reviewed it turns out she'd charged me from the moment she had arrived at the hotel and not when I had. Normally i would say that is not on but thinking about it recently I could, and should, have changed the meet time to later on due to the traffic but didn't so lesson learnt (I was in constant text contact and she turned up 10 mins late to compensate anyway). Make your own judgement on that as there is a case for both sides.

Got FK, RO, OWO, cowgirl, doggy, mish, CIM.
English is excellent. GFE and professional. My tip is to tease her and not to make her cum as a tired girl is not as full on.  :thumbsup:

Stunning looking (IMO)
Outgoing personality
Services still right for me

In this instance I would say timekeeping as she was aware I came a long way to just see her

7 out of 10 this time.
Would I go back? Yes, I'll try one of her "free" days to see if she is able to travel, easier to book and for me not to have to travel so fucking far on our crap roads.
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Offline RedKettle

Great reviews, thanks.  Could I check two things please.  The link now goes to CindyVernon - is she the same girl? 

You mentioned Costock, is that the village north of Loughborough (level with EM Airport and Kegworth) and is that her normal location? 

If answers are all yes I am quite excited as she is very close to me!

Offline CoolTiger

Great reviews, thanks.  Could I check two things please.  The link now goes to CindyVernon - is she the same girl? 

You mentioned Costock, is that the village north of Loughborough (level with EM Airport and Kegworth) and is that her normal location? 

If answers are all yes I am quite excited as she is very close to me!

CindyVeron became KatyMay, then something else ??? now back to CindyVeron..... So Yes, it is the same girl.

AFAIR, Costock is not her usual location. She tends to stop there every few weeks (the stopover is usually for a few days at a time).

Great reviews, thanks.  Could I check two things please.  The link now goes to CindyVernon - is she the same girl? 

You mentioned Costock, is that the village north of Loughborough (level with EM Airport and Kegworth) and is that her normal location? 

If answers are all yes I am quite excited as she is very close to me!

Git.  :D

Thanks CT.
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Offline RedKettle

Git.  :D

Thanks CT.

To be fair I used to have to punt in the wasteland that is Sheffield so I deserve some luck!!  Will let you know how I get on. :D

I met her a few weeks ago in Costock but normally she's based in Birmingham. I did feedback for her on here under Cindy Veron. She's a nice lass and I enjoyed seeing her and would see again :)

Offline CoolTiger

I met her a few weeks ago in Costock but normally she's based in Birmingham.. She's a nice lass and I enjoyed seeing her and would see again :) I did feedback for her on here under Cindy Veron


Linking my final visit so people get the full info on this thread:


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