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Author Topic: CLAUDIA - Bristol  (Read 819 times)

19 review(s) for CLAUDIA___ (12 positive, 3 neutral, 4 negative) [Indexed by Admin]

Ok first review, I hope to get the link in correctly as that seems to be the first stumbling block


Ok last night I had was disastrous punt NOT with Claudia, as the problems with that punt were in part of my own making I am not going to name and shame that girl with a negative review.

Anyway I came home in the early hours wanting to do something to make up for it and made a 1 hour booking with Claudia for noon today, we ended up changing it to 11.

Yes I admit her French kissing is far from DFK, but that was the only downer I had. I think the issue is she is not a 'shag nasty', I wanted gentle GFE and got exactly that, kisses cuddles, oral both ways and some 69, topped off with a CIM finish.

For 90 quid (cheaper than the disaster the night before) I had a gentle, relaxing get my end away hour with a sweet attractive on the eye  Polish bird.

I will be honest I did have the advantage of being able to surprise her and break the ice with my poor Polish, having lived and worked a number of years in her home city. Maybe that helped.

I am sure I will just start to ramble on now so in short, I would say if you want a shag nasty she is not your girl, if you want gentle relaxing GFE (bar the French Kissing) she is your girl.

19 review(s) found for CLAUDIA___ linked to in above post (12 positive, 3 neutral, 4 negative)

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