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Author Topic: Punting in Brum during the World Cup  (Read 993 times)

Offline Borat

Would like to hear how you guys go about punting during the World Cup or other big tournaments like the euros?

Last time during the euros the whole of Brum came to a standstill. Hardly any decent girls were about and even the popular agencies like BBescorts, studiorelax, etc were failing to service the post match punters.
I've decided to try and book on the spur of the moment so as not to feel took disappointed should no one be available. 

Offline curry

Hopefully it should bring out some bargains for us as i expect buisness will be slow for these girls

Offline Borat

Hopefully mate. I hope more Decent Poles and Latvians come to Brum. Generally they are far better than the Romanians.
Have you used any of the agencies?

Offline curry

no dont do agencies or parlours

few poles about havent seen any latvians care to recomend any?

Would also like to know which Latvians you have come across Borat.

Offline CoolTiger

Just to let you all know that:

Ella19 of "LE-CV Services" based in Hinckley (with a brief time in Leicester)

seems to have transformed into:

sweetASHLEY of "ES YES services" based in Solihull, Birmingham

Thread on Group, where most of the girls are Latvian:

Latvian WG:
https://www.adultwork.com/2515120 or https://www.adultwork.com/sweetASHLEY

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