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Author Topic: Sexy Angelina  (Read 793 times)

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I saw her a while ago now but have only just got round to writing this review. Partly because I did not want her to read it and know who wrote it, for some reason.

Anyway it was in November 2013 at her place in Clifton.

Communications good-ok.
Flat in Clifton, nice area.
Looked exactly like the photos except her body looked better in real life. Her arse was so fuckable it's in my wank bank!
Blow job was impressively aggressive
Wore sexy as fuck dress and shoes.
Had full length mirror so you could watch her work

BJ was agressive to the extent that it almost hurt and was off-putting
When it came to sex time, she said 'go slow, I'm sore down there'
Looked like she didn't want me to be there
Made me feel awkward by not being warm
Sex was purely mechanical, so I just got it over with, fast.

Over-all, a disappointment. I knew it was a gamble but with so many good AW reviews I thought, 'it's worth a punt!'.

Well, in my case, sadly, it wasn't. But I don't regret it as she was a total babe but clearly not my type, and visa versa.

Just in case anyone doesn't know... here is her profile link


43 review(s) found for      SEXY ANGELINA  linked to in above post (40 positive, 0 neutral, 3 negative)

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