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https://www.adultwork.com/2503134 or https://www.adultwork.com/Paris7903

I saw Lollita earlier today whilst passing through Stratford so thought I would report on my findings.

The Experience:
When I called, the answering voice sounded indifferent and fed up, but she gave me the address through text which is a brief walk from Stratford station. I did text her after with the question: “You are the girl in the picture, right? Else I will walk!” to which she responded “Yeeesss don’t worry!”
So off I went.
The place is in one of these newly fabricated high rises which are dotted along the road from Stratford to Bow Road. I got up stairs without anyone paying any attention to be so it was safe.
When the door opened I was disappointed to see a senior woman, but she quickly said Lollita would be free in 10 mins. She was the maid/friend and it is she who handles the calls and texts. She offered a beer/tea/coke/chicken-soup but I stuck with water.
Lollita poked her head through the door and I thought WOW! She is very, very pretty (better than the pictures could convey - why people use crap phones I have no idea).
I stayed for half an hour in a very dimly lit room, but she made effort to brighten the place to allow the curtains to be opened as to allow some light in though the light switch was a no, no.
She is very petite and not too tight, I first rode on top but struggle due to the heat in the room. She then came on top and I had a delightful grind – she worked hard to please, and I was.
Afterwards I had a shower then went into the living room and had a smoke with the maid, the other girl (who was larger) and Lollita. They are friendly and offer plenty of drinks which are dotted about the kitchen and the balcony.
•   She is the girl her pics. Very petite, young, and has a college girl kinda attitude.
•   She is not too tight, and is very flexible.
•   Kissing is not available, and I did not ask for OWO.
•   Easy location & safe (or be it with a walk).

The Journey:
I was attracted to Lollita because of her looks and if you are really after petite girls then I would recommend her.
I am still looking for taller, slim girls and would happily take some recommendations.

1 review(s) found for Paris7903 linked to in above post (1 positive, 0 neutral, 0 negative)

Offline LL

You had me at chicken-soup!
Hehe sounds pretty good mate, cheers

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