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Author Topic: Web app Vs PC site  (Read 554 times)

Offline richie

Hey folks

Just been checking out AW to sort a punt for tomorrow and something odd reared its head. When I switched from the AW mobile site to their PC site so I could view the pics in better quality my search threw up an extra local girl!

I thought she was in my hotlist from a previous punt so I checked the PC site and she's present in the HL and search.

So investigating further I went into my Banbury hotlist using the mobile site and she's there listed as working Banbury but she's not showing on the mobile sites search.

Whats going on? Is there an option to be searchable on one and not the other? Or just an odd glitch? Don't fancy trying to navigate the full site on 3G just to make sure I get all the search options  :(

App is really flakey for me, sometimes it works most often there is an issue of some sort with it.

I'm more shocked that there are enough girls in Banbury to make up a hotlist  :unknown:

The AW app was a bit iffy for me. Once i put in my search criteria, it would not let me scroll down the entire list. Tried it a few times over several days and still the same. Not sure if this was a phone issue or app issue.  Suspect it was the app as i can scroll quite nicely on the phone using my other apps.  Now i just use the full AW site on the phone.

Offline Jimmyredcab

1)  I never use the App

2)   I wish I had a hotlist, finding one suitable girl is sometimes impossible.     :( :( :(

I've tried the app on my android phone and apple tablet and it's pretty poor. Search results differ from the main site and I also have the problem in not being able to scroll down the list of the girl's likes/dislikes.

Offline richie

I'm more shocked that there are enough girls in Banbury to make up a hotlist  :unknown:

 :D :D :D I agree, there's not!

Only two decent ones max I'd say but I've got a few in there that have toured through or have been on my route back from somewhere.

Offline pleasure

Fuck me, I had no idea there was an AW app. Most website replacement apps are shit anyway, much better to just navigate the site on a phone IME, regardless of the extra hassle. I have no problem accessing AW that way.

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