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Author Topic: Prossies that Piss you off  (Read 1270 times)

I don't know if this topic has been covered but since I'm a bad ass topic starting kind of guy, I'm gonna start it anyway.

Prossies need depraved sexual deviants like us to ensure they can buy new shoes or crack fixes (depends on how low your standards are of course) as and when they desire. Now in order to do this they need to be accessible, one way is through e mail, but as we all know that is a slow and laborious process especially when most of us have willies that need to be wet. The easiest and quickest way therefore is by phone. Recently however it's been pissing me off that I can't get through to the two sluts I want to fuck the most.

First there's this one http://adult.vivastreet.co.uk/escort+sutton-coldfield-b72/the-taste-of-honey-why-not-give-me-a-try-available-24-7/98026681 She looks good, but don't let that be your downfall because I've been trying to get through to her for what seems like donkeys years. She advertises as being available 24/7 but is the opposite. When I am lucky enough to get through and she answers, she's not available, I must have been rejected about 20 times. It pisses me off that she advertises as 24/7 yet she's never available.

Then there's this one a fantastic red headed number. https://www.adultwork.com/2471742 or https://www.adultwork.com/heavenleii123 I messaged this one to arrange a meeting by phone, she sends me her number and I can't get through. It just really grinds my goat.

Anyway, which girls annoy you and why?

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Offline vorian

None, if they don't want my money, I move on to one who does, don't give your power away so easily.
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Online curry


you havent missed out on much there she is such a mess about

1 review(s) found for heavenleii123 linked to in above post (1 positive, 0 neutral, 0 negative)

Offline bod666

It's the ones you see regularly, get friendly with, dumbly think she actually likes you, then she starts messing you about.

Only done it once - gave her the benefit of the doubt several times. Now there is no way i will see her again. I've learnt my lesson.

It's also mildly annoying when they say to ring them when you're outside their apartment and they don't answer the phone, but do (eventually) send you a text. Weird.

There's one girl i see who won't respond to emails, or answer the phone, but will reply (quite promptly) to texts. Now that i know that's the score i'm fine with it

On friday I sent a txt asking for a meeting on monday 2pm with a previously seeen prossie. She accepted the meeting. confirmed on Sunday evening. She even changed the time to 2.30pm. Come monday midmorning phone calls go straight to fucking voicemail. If she hadn't been such a good shag i will  have given up on her.

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