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Author Topic: naughty liliana slough  (Read 1186 times)

Offline mac77

a bit of a mix with this one she did do an out call at shortish notice (5h) she was better looking in the flesh than the pictures but i just didn't click with her and we ended up doing one round and talking the rest she returned the extra that we never did.
i have to say on the back of what she talked about, there is some nasty sick blokes out there.  sickos need castrating

so good / bad
eye popping bj
will do all her likes list
speaks english well even understood my scottish accent well
she very clean and intelligent
unfortunately just not my type and a bit too young for me

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Offline agent47

Shit I've just made a booking with her, an outcall in reading. you've put me off a bit with the stuff you said she's been talking about :scare:. Did she look and smell clean i also take it she' pimped.

Offline mac77

she is clean no worries there.  she just had some clients trying to do funny things not paying, trying to force bb, getting violent, i suppose just normal for a wg

Offline agent47

Ah That's OK then am a nice guy so should be a good time. Thanks for the feed back was a bit apprehensive.

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