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Author Topic: Virgin Punt  (Read 821 times)

Offline Markgaw

I'm looking to lose my virginity on my 18th birthday next month. Looking for an escort in Leeds/Bradford/Wakefield. What would you recommend for a first time? I'm open to anyone but I'm definitely a blonde/tits man

Girls might turn you down with being so young as they prefer more mature people as there's less chance of them knowing you and at 18 your in your prime so go out on the pull and get it for free. On second thoughts its never free so it might be cheaper having a punt in the end.

Offline Markgaw

Going out on the pull isn't really my scene. Would prefer a hassle free experience

Offline wristjob

In for a penny in for a pound I say. If I was 18 and bursting with spunk and know what I do now I'd go to a sex party.

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