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Author Topic: Sweet Kiss Angel- St Neots  (Read 1181 times)

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Offline Stukey

Sweet Kiss Angel in St. Neots, but she tours Hatfield, Cambridge etc


Firstly I couldn't believe 15 or so 1-2 line recommendations on AW feedback, they are so complimentary I thought 'put up job'
2ndly Some of her pics are on escort sites all around Europe, but I decided to take the plunge as I had to drive from North Norfolk to that neck of the woods on another matter.
She is East European, whether Hungary as stated or elsewhere – I am none the wiser.
The apartment in St Neots (off high street) didn't do much for the occasion – a bit like a Soho walk up in the 1970's. Having said that there was a brand new shower and Cubicle, so maybe it is getting some re-investment. I am sure there were others working there, but I was first room on the left opposite the bathroom, so no chance to investigate.
Back to the pictures– there are two stunning ones in a very fancy maids dress and kneeling on an extra wide armchair, they could be her, but I don't know– she told me they were, the rest are definitely her. I think the breast of the girl on the chair is bigger than hers. And actually these are the two pics that come up in Google images for agencies in Rome, Turkey & Greece.
Her clothing was 'cheap' (disappointing) but sexy, she claims 19 (I think - I would guess mid twenties). Her body & legs good, her smile fantastic, might be because we shared a bottle of bubbly. No tongues, but plenty of kissing, teasing kisses, cuddles and caressing. Lovely Eyes, Good blow job, lovely accent (having said that she told me she had been studying English in London for a couple of years – ain't got too far, but communication wasn't difficult at all). I spent an hour and half, don't regret it at all . She is kind in nature, we had a laugh or two, she wants to please. I will probably go again. Maybe to one of her other venues to see if the accommodation is better.

2 review(s) found for Sweet Kiss Angel linked to in above post (2 positive, 0 neutral, 0 negative)

She has been on my Hot List for ages but never manage to coincide with her location/availability. She did used to have a verification photo which looked like the girl in the "ordinary" photos - Little doubt that a professional make-up artist and photographer can produce the results which are eye catching.

I will still keep her on the HL, put £ is increasing a bit and......   ;)

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