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Author Topic: Nice Andrea Glasgow  (Read 2796 times)

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OK, so I've not posted in a while, but the thread I started a wee while back should fill you in on what I'm all about.


So I had a serious horn the other day, I really wanted to fuck some over 50 lady.  So I had a browse, nothing much going short notice and I saw this profile:-


It was the same flat I have seen Nina and Samantha (awesome over 50 babe)  Not a terribly nice flat, but she was only 30 for a 15 min sesh, figured it was worth a squirt.  Now before getting there I checked to see if I could give her a facial (this can be a fairly big reach in a 15 min) but she said ok.  Now she's czech, and was using google translate I think so there could have been crossed wires.....

Anyway I get there, she lets me in promptly.  Now Im not gonna give scores out of 10 because its pointless, this is highly subjective, its not like Im reviewing the new Halo for fuck sake.  But she's not much to look at.  Better than her pics.  tall, slim and friendly I guess.  Oh yeah, english...? NOT A WORD!
Not sure why I capped that, It takes the pressure off.  I just go with it and see what I can get away with.  So shes nothing special to look at, but for a 52 year old, nice figure, smooth skin and great arse.  I would tell you about her pussy but I never went near it because......

When I saw her walk over to the tabe to lube herself up, I could see her stick a blob in her snatch and then another up her ass. Hmmmm, Im thinking.  I know what Im doing in about 6 minutes.

I sit on the bed naked and she gives me a decent uncovered blowjob.  good rhythm, good ball work. decent.

[Oh yeah, if yo like the DFK, you are in for a treat, she is gung ho.  Maybe a bit too much for me, I mean, buy a guy a drink first! hahaha]

Anyway, decent blowjob and then I stand up, bend her over (no protest, she is nice and malleable, likes me taking control)  I have a wee rub of her anus and then on with the condom and I just ease it in there.  I have to say, very pleasantly tight considering it belongs to a 52 year old woman who sells it for a living.  I gave it to her nice and gently for a few minutes and then worked up to the point I really thought she would maybe ask me to calm it, but no, I am like a pig in shit (literally!) and having an absolute blast. a couple minutes later, I suddenly could feel my spunk bomb about to go off so i pulled out (no shit on the condom, nice bonus - maybe she doesn't eat) and I got her on her knees and started chugging whilst she slobbered all over my balls.  Several seconds later, she took a beautiful cumshot to her face, mouth open, but I got bonus points for her glasses and even a sploosh over her hair.

There was no chatting after, but the atmosphere was pleasant enough.  Also, I hadn't been in this room before and it was a bit nicer, but not much.

Still for £30, anal and facial, dirty hoar 52 years old taking it from a young man!  Its my fantasy.  Not the best looking, but brilliant value and puts a bit of effort in without saying a word you might understand!

No score, just a thumbs up!

8 review(s) found for NiceAndrea linked to in above post (4 positive, 1 neutral, 3 negative)

Does a duo with Glasgownina, think I'll give that a pass.

Nina = total con artist....... See my report below....I essence nicked £50 from me...... Definatley one to AVOID AVOID AVOID..... Don't waste you're hard earned money


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