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Author Topic: new one any one seen her  (Read 852 times)

Offline toni

£60 on the hour
Sounds a bit too good to be true.  But then saying that the seem to be a fair few girls in and around brum that are less than the normal 100 for the hour

Offline dilettante

I've seen that pic several times in my Brum new registration profiles - Blacklisted right away, on balance you won't lose out even if you miss the odd genuine one.

Offline bigjim

called this one yesterday and she did answer  :D

she is anothet EE  :dash:

asked if she does all on likes and the usual answer NO just another box ticker
she did say the £60 for an hour was correct though  :yahoo:

but i didnt go so let me know if any of you horney lot have a go


Offline JT100

Profile now gone. Says it all really.

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