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Author Topic: Vanessa, Vivastreet, Massage+HE, Edinburgh  (Read 7832 times)

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Offline Marmalade

Vanessa, Vivastreet, body-2-body Massage+HE, Edinburgh Lochend area, 21y, brunette, size 10/12, £70 for 30 minutes, fully nude throughout
 (rating in relation to what's available etc rather than satisfaction levels)

Location, new flats somewhere in the mental maze that is Lochend, 34 busstop not far away, parking ok, you'd probably need a map to find it unless going by taxi. Well-appointed room and bathroom, room as described, king-sized futon-type bed on floor, artificial rose-petals scattered about, tasteful candles and eastern pingypongaie nature music on the stereo. I wouldn't say she looks exactly like the photos but no better or worse, quite a cute looking young Polish girl, believably 21 years. In fact true to many Polish girls, I'd say she at least makes an effort to do an honest job.

The devil is in the details.
Firstly, £70 for thirty minutes. 

Bloody hell. There's many a lass offering a decent suck and fuck for less than that. But occasionally I do want to just let someone I'm paying to work do all the work. I have a vision of what a top class b2b massage is (from some temple in Australia that I've forgotten the name of) and thought:

a) no-one seems to be investigating Vivastreet much
b) no-one reports on rubntugs much even though there's a demand
c) hell this will maybe end up being a case of taking one for the lads, but I want a massage and some HE (or OWO would be nice but rarely on the cards if you expect a good massage)

She speaks near-perfect English, has gorgeous tits, and wasted no time guiding my hands to tits, bum and fanny. No fingers inside, no kissing (not usually to be expected, no problem) and I played with her hair a bit to see if her mouth might decide to get a bit closer but no luck there.

First half of the massage was quite good (it would take a page to explain what tantric massage should be, and this isn't it, but she does have a go, sensual balanced strokes, erotic, used her breasts to effect quite a bit, nice room ambience). Lots of attention to the 'lingam' rather wasting time stroking other parts. The massage of other parts was quite sensual (which was my main complaint regarding Lucrezia, who does a first class massage but it's not exactly sexy the way she rubs and strokes professionally). About half way through the 'lingam massage' deteriorated into a straightforward wank. Someone ought to teach prossies how to do this well - too many of them go at it like they're intent on murdering a snake in a hole before it bites them.

As this was only the 15 minute mark, if it was first class it would be fine with me to do it for 15 minutes. But it wasn't. Not unpleasant, alternating with tit-tapping, but frankly boring if she was going at it with such lack of involvement for that long. It's like someone doing a massage as if they're cleaning a floor - the action might be technically effective but only slightly better than how I imagine a machine.

Now listen up girls: there's many variations on how a guy likes his meat handled but a good rule is to take a fucking interest in the damn thing. Treat it like you worship it.
Here's just one reasonable example I think:

There's some prossies that can do a goodly wank and some that can do a goodly massage, so wtf can't some of them learn to do both??

Now it was not a bad punt, but it was a bit overpriced and the killer is that it was rushed, and I told her so. Admittedly she had asked me to move the session forward and I had as far as I could, but once she'd accepted a half hour booking I expected a half hour of her fullest effort and best attention. I asked if she had another appointment soon (a reasonable reason, if not an excuse). She said yes, then changed it to some story about how she lives in Stirling and the last train blahblah.

Second tip: don't tell lies about the city to someone who's a resident. They know better than you do that trains to Stirling probably don't stop at 6pm (they don't).

Next annoyance - she was pleased I said the first half was good, which it was, then said "next time" we should make more time and best to book her in the morning. Now the thing is, when you only have so much time you still have all the time that there is. It takes the same amount of time to do a good job as an average one, so don't act like you're rushing it. (And why would the customer want a next time if he was clockwatched the first time? FOR WHATEVER REASON.)

However I've marked it as neutral since comparing it to Lucrezia and Realaxing Ann (not really better or worse overall - she's better looking and more capable of giving a sexy massage, has a decent bed, but the rush spoilt it) , it wasn't bad, just not what I could call "good."

I notice Sweet and Petite is now offering massages and if they are as good as her escort sessions I may yet be impressed. (She was on holiday today, as was Cute Samantha).

In spite of my hard criticism (which I hope she will take as constructive advice), I left feeling happy enough, but a bit critical as a customer.
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Offline vorian

Nice review, like the detail and your slant on the punt you had.

Also a longer version of the video you posted, which does indeed show an excellent technique imo.

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Offline Marmalade

Yeah that video link you gave is a pretty good version.


tbh, with the review, if she (or any other less-reviewed prossie) had been fucking amazing, I probably would have left it a few weeks till I'd sessioned with her a few times before shouting from the rooftops. And if she had been utterly shite I would generally have left it a few days or a week. But Vivastreet is a bit of an untapped field. I think there's one review-recommended prossie for Scotland and the rest we don't know. Much as AW is a mainstay, it can maybe make us lazy. Vivastreet means interviewing her by phone in most instances to get prices and details. So I'll ask about services on the phone but mindful that if it's an EE with poor English she might always turn round later and say she didn't capice come in mouth or "confuses" Romanian with Italian cos her great grandfather second-removed had once been to Venice on a day trip.

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