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Author Topic: Edelle19  (Read 1912 times)

Online j122

Anyone had any experience with this young lady?
Has put three bids on the same reverse booking going down by £10 each time (a few days apart, not all in one go). Messages accompanying the first two bids were just "XXX" and the third just said "hi, incalls in nottingham". So no real effort put into them, looking at AW feedback has a bad one accusing of being time waster/picture seller. but thats by someone with not much feedback either....

https://www.adultwork.com/2433419 or https://www.adultwork.com/Edelle19

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Replied to my reverse booking with "XX". Wonder how much effort will she put in the real thing.

Online j122

Yeah that was my thinking, so not even responded to the bids just deleted as came across as a time waster. Just wondered if anyone could prove any different.

Offline thewonderingdick

Over priced women are normally just in it for the money hence Not a good service!!

Online j122

Nope still toying with the idea though...

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