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Author Topic: Angelina Sweet - Fleet  (Read 1298 times)

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Unlike some, my punting philosophy with Romanians is that if a profile really grabs my attention then I will take a chance with a view to walking if the prossie is not to my taste.  Following this approach I've shagged some stunning young Romanian girls with great figures and whilst the overall experience may not have been brilliant I've at least shagged a stunner for just £60 - and sometimes a quick shag when with no effort on my part to try give the girl a good time is all that I need.  So with this in mind I thought I'd book Angelina Sweet:


Comms.  Pretty good.  She answered her phone quite quickly, her English wasn't bad and she was quite chatty.  Agreed a time (just an hour from making the call) for a 30 minute appointment and said she would text me the postcode, which she did within a minute of me hanging up.  The postcode was for the shopping centre in Fleet.

Arrival.  Got to the shopping centre, called her, answered quickly and directed me to a pay and display car park behind a pub just around the corner.  Parked up, got the ticket, called again and she talked me to her front door about 150m away.  Door to a shabby looking run down house was quickly opened, went in, door closed to be met by Angelina wearing a black dressing gown.  A quick welcome kiss, a friendly smile and introductions done I thought 'Yeh, I'll go for it' - she was attractive enough and frankly my cock was ruling my head at this point so I followed her upstairs to a sparse bedroom with what turned out to be a well worn bed!

Appearance.  I wasn't interested in a lot of small talk as I usually do so paid the £60 for a 30 minute punt and started to get undressed.  She whipped off her dressing down to reveal a magnificent set of tits.  She was tall, about 5' 10" (my height), well built but not fat, certainly not toned but everything in proportion really, in fact very womanly and not the normal skinny size 6 that gets my juices flowing.  White skin with jet black long hair and very little make up, quite good looking in a striking way - with make up on I suspect she might be a real head turner.  There was something quite captivating about her and I was looking forward to grappling with those tits.  I have no idea whether she's the girl in the photos in her AW profile but possibly, based on the one photo of her tits.  She's definitely not 5' 8" as advertised, she's 100% 5' 10", and she certainly isn't a size 6, more a size 10 - ummm, maybe it was a B&S after all  :unknown:

The Punt.  I had already decided that I wasn't going to do much by way of interactive exchange of services (i.e. no RO) as I was saving this for later (see next report with LSS) so I just got stuck into fondling and suckling on those magnificent tits (and I hate big tits, tiny Blonde English Chloe sized tits are my preference!).  This coupled with light kissing and flicking of tongues (not Chloe style full on snogging - she is my benchmark!) and general groping was enough to get me pretty hard so it was on with the rubber for pretty decent oral (OWO is not an option despite her profile stating at discretion).  It had been a while since I last had a shag so I knew I wouldn't last long, I couldn't take too much oral so opted to get on board and start fucking her in mish.  She was surprisingly tight and with dirty words of encouragement I was enjoying a decent fuck.  A quick change of position to doggy and after a few minutes watching my cock slide in and out and her brown starfish looking very welcoming I remembered the "Don't forget to ask for anal" on her profile - so I duly asked.  No problem, it's just £20 she said.  She said she preferred anal on her back with a cushion under her arse, no problem - I like this position too  :wacko:  Now, I'm not particularly well endowed but I had to take it really, really slowly with her firmly controlling entry.  She said she didn't like it deep and hard and used her legs to prevent me from doing so.  A few minutes of thrusting only 3" of my cock in her was OK but I was now at the point when I just wanted to fuck her hard and finish off.  I told her this, I withdrew, she wiped with a wet wipe before and I started fanny fucking her again.  This time deep, hard and fast.  Propped up on one hand in a single arm press up position and grappling her tits with the other and tongue flicking I soon got to the point of no return.  By now I was really going for it and was breaking into a sweat when I popped my load.  She had a cheeky smile on her face and said in her foreign accent "I think you enjoyed that" - you bet, I generally do!  Eventually withdrew, she cleaned me up while we made small talk and I continued to grope those tits.  Got dressed, paid the £20 for anal, and opened her dressing gown for a last fondle of those tits - ummm, perhaps, well shaped, firm tits are alright after all ....

Conclusion.  An average punt because of the lack of GFE but good VFM at just £60 for 30 minutes, fucking a decent looking girl with a fine womanly figure.  In hindsight, £20 for anal was a waste of money but my cock was ruling my head at that point (I've only tried anal 3 or 4 times so it's still a bit of a novelty for me).  Would I repeat?  Yes, I think I would but only as a Plan B because I prefer the 1 hour £150 punts with GFE providers in really nice hotels or modern serviced apartments.  That said, variety is the spice of life so a punt like this from time to time is alright in my books.

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1 review(s) found for ANGELINA SWEET linked to in above post (0 positive, 1 neutral, 0 negative)

Offline nigel4498

Good review. Normally stay clear of Romanians but have her in my hotlist and posted a query awhile back.
Think I will give her a go now though.
Cheers  :hi:

Have to concur those firm tits are quite the dog's bollocks.
If you get my drift and excuse the oxymoron.
PP :hi:

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