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Author Topic: TS Victoria Tedesco - Coventry  (Read 2959 times)

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Location -  Coventry

Profile -

Services -30 mins  cant remember exact price sorry, think £100 or £120?

Review -
Gave her a ring in the morning to arrange a  30 minute session in the afternoon. Texted me a postcode an hour before, arrived at the apartment and wow  Victoria looked stunning in lovely lingerie.  Pictures are very accurate and she looked incredibly feminine. Started off she gave me a quick massage then turned me on my front and started sucking  my cock. Great technique tbf. Returned the favour and she got hard pretty quick. lovely cock, not massive but definitely not small. 6/7 inches would be my guess. When I booked her, I knew she was  currently only a top  and didn't receive any anal. Before the meet I had no intention of being fucked, however after a while she asked to fuck me. Decided to go with the flow and although she was gentle it felt pretty painful. We started off in doggy then moved into the  spoon position . Was a little bit less painful but It didn't do much for me sexually so asked her stop. Glad I tried it as life's too short and all that. We then switched into a 69 with me cumming in her mouth. Quick chat then I left. My only  smallish complaint  would be  a few times she asked me to keep the noise down and said I was  being a bit too loud. I know I wasn't being loud at all but can understand how important discretion is for them and keeping their profession hidden from the neighbours.

Would I return?
No. If she was up to being fucked then 100% yes, but It was more of a case of me really wanting to see her  as I've had her on my radar for a while as she's very pretty and very well reviewed on here.
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12 review(s) found for TsVictoriaTedesco linked to in above post (11 positive, 0 neutral, 1 negative)

She’s very good and did allow me to fuck her after some nice rimming action.  I must have been really lucky on that day 😊

How often do you find a ts will cum without asking or charging extra?

Online JontyR

Rarely. Espeically amongst touring girls who will be cramming in as many punters as possible.

However, I actually find it much more likely with English Ts girls especially if they are working out of stable premises.  You may find it more likely too if you are the last punter of the day.