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Offline jawill

Well, I finally got to meet this girl as she was down in Torbay.

Looks stunning in the photos, hard to believe you are going to meet that same girl....but....it is her!  And she is stunning.  When she opened the door my jaw dropped.  Says she is 19 on her profile, and I guess I would believe that, at the most I would put her at 21 if anything.  Apartment was on the seafront, though there was a bit of a mix up with comms to start with, and parking is a bit of a nightmare around there.

Anyway, looked stunning in a white dress, white underwear and hold up stockings with very high heels.  Amazing eyes, and a stunning body - she really is drop dead gorgeous.  Has an amazing figure, with a perfect flat stomach.

She loves to kiss and will snog your face off all through the session, with lots of cuddling, closeness, hands roaming over the body etc.  She has gorgeous long legs, and cute C cup breasts which she loves being played with. 

Gave her oral and she enjoyed being finger fucked at the same time, then she responded by getting me to lay on the bed and she sucked my cock.  Now, normally, I never do oral without - but , on this occasion, I thought fuck it what the hell, and im glad I did because her BJ skills are amazing.  And her eyes looking up at you at the same time, god, it was so hard to control myself.  She then proceeded to get me to lay on the pillows, and she stood above me before squatting on my face and making me lick her pussy again.

On with a rubber and legs over my shoulders for some good deep fucking.  She felt lovely and all the moans and groans seemed very real.  A few positions, then a bit of a stocking clad foot wank before shooting a weeks worth of cum all up her legs.  More snogging, then a shower and a chat afterwards - didnt feel rushed and she looked gorgeous with just a towel wrapped around her.

Yeah there is a whiff of smoke in the air and no doubt she does smoke, though I couldnt taste it.  There is a slight "mysterious" side to her as well, cant put my finger on it, hard to explain lol.

Would definitely go and see her again, though i'd love to see her dressed up on a night out then take her back and bang her all night!


6 review(s) found for the service provider linked to in above post (5 positive, 0 neutral, 1 negative)

Offline Clanger

Either you are a damned liar or OMFG..

Either you are a damned liar or OMFG..

She's for real.

She has been down in Torbay/Torquay before and is building up a fan/shag club.

Offline jawill

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