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Author Topic: Chippenham  (Read 813 times)

I'm staying in Chippenham tonight, not much on the AW front, has anyone used Sensations, is it any good?

 I'll admit I've never been to a parlour like this (only independants and Soho walkups) so any tips on what to expect?  :drinks:

It used to get mixed reviews on [banned-site-auto-censor], which probably simply reflected who was on when the customer called. I went there myself about ten years ago. Not been back since. Nothing wrong: it's just not really on the way to anywhere for me.  The girls come (I think) from Swindon and (particularly) Bristol, as it's close to the station, and there is an excellent Intercity 125 service to both these places.
Let us know how you get on if you give it a try.

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