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Author Topic: Raysa 90  (Read 2258 times)

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Offline Alistairs

Avoid this one like the plague. There is a guy directly opposite over the road watching people go in and taking notes


She is nothing like the pics at all, yes she has blonde hair and someone who is ill thinner if you get what I mean, thinner than the pic but the tits are nothing like the pic way way smaller. I have to say this is fake.

I turned up and I left my phone in the car for obvious reasons and I noticed an old guy across the road looking and watching me, as soon as she opened the door I noticed she had a full sleeve tattoo on her arm and she was a lot thinner that the pic and although very tanned I knew something was wrong.

She told me to get undressed, when she came in she had her underwear on and she took her knickers off and I noticed a liner in them and I knew she was on that time of the month. We got down to business and on went the johnny in around a minute and I thought at least get me hard  :wacko: there was nothing to get me started  :dash:  :D, she started to give me a bj and I thought hmm maybe its gonna be ok, I then start to touch her back and she moved away and a few minutes in I touched her side to move her on top of me and she jumped off the bed and asked what I was doing and what I wanted, so I said get on top and she reluctantly got on for 30 seconds and then got off. She then finished me off with her hand. All in all around 10 minutes she then got off the bed and stood by the door as if to say get out then  :thumbsdown: even though I had paid for half hour, good job I didn't pay for an hour.

Extremely rude, didn't want to do anything and I would avoid like the plague I would say this is a fake profile. No wonder every site she is on has feedback turned off.

I'm not doing very well this week at all  :thumbsdown:

1 review(s) found for the service provider linked to in above post (0 positive, 0 neutral, 1 negative)

Offline Glader

Shit punt

Avoid a 30 sec cowboy clip art photoshop job.

Never see a girl who has those kind of images.

She isn't exactly copyrighting some

Secondly- someone across the road taking notes!!
Could be a nosey neighbour? Regardless -
Even if is a pimp she is working alone from
Her pad so you have no issues to be concerned from

As for the shit service - ask before hand about availability of services - might help and break the ice. Your lucky you booked for 30 mins on this one but go see someone with more
Feedback and book for an hour and I'm
Sure you be fine

Each have the bad days but there's a broad spectrum of ladies in Scotland and with EE's you always expect a shit punt

Offline Glader

Oh forgot to mention she has bad/hidden feedback
That's a second hint you will have a shit punt.

Offline Alistairs

True Glader. This guy across the road was definately a nosey neighbour he was well into his 60's and probably giving the info to the old bill.

When you look at the pics you definately want a punt on it  :sarcastic:
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Offline Alistairs

When I visit it says feedback turned off. Is it under Raysa 90 or just Raysa ? Either way it is definately a fake profile

Offline yorkshire123

When I visit it says feedback turned off. Is it under Raysa 90 or just Raysa ? Either way it is definately a fake profile

Hover your mouse over the rating button & you will see what BB posted.
Banning reason: Making false malicious allegations against admin

Offline Alistairs

Good nobody else can get scammed, she is on escort scotland though

shes been on/off for over 2 years

cheers for the thread guys

was planning on seeing her on monday but will avoid her now

Offline auldie63

She is still advertising on other sites than AW such as ES,Backpage,VS etc.

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