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Author Topic: yokarebecca (Southampton) - Massage only  (Read 3319 times)

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Offline johor299


Another old review as I saw her 3 months ago, but there are no previous reviews on the forum so I thought I'd contribute.

The reason for the neutral rating is due to the experience I had when leaving. We slightly overran the booked time, and seconds before I climaxed from her hand relief, the doorbell rang. And just a few seconds after I finished, a man banged on the bedroom door shouting "your next client is here", I presume it was her boyfriend/partner. I panicked a bit as it would take me a minute to get dressed, and I didn't want to walk past another punter. She left me in the room to get dressed and went downstairs, luckily leaving him waiting in the living room with the door closed.

Anyway, after going downstairs I went to put my shoes on, but I had new boots that took ages to put on, as the top laces had to be undone. I was in the process of fiddling around with them when she went into the living room, and called the next guy up. So obviously they walked past me, and the poor guy looked terrified. Can't have been more than 21 and it was probably his first ever punt (starting off with massage/hand relief instead of full service). I got my boots on as quickly as I could and left.

As for the services though, pros/cons as per the style of my previous reviews:


She's a professional masseur so the massage is excellent.

The bed is set up for a massage with towels and a soft neck pillow - I felt very relaxed.

She was quite happy to take off her dress and bra when I asked, but kept her knickers on. Probably a good thing anyway as it was evident from the amount of "padding" in there that it was her time of the month. Also happy for me to gently touch her body/chest in the final stages during the hand relief.

Although prostate massage isn't listed on her profile, I was finding it pretty hard to finish so thought a prostate massage might help. She didn't know what I meant, so I took her index finger and tried to show her. She was a bit shy, but went to the adjacent bedroom (presumably where she stays with her boyfriend?) and came back with a condom for her finger - she doesn't offer full service so no condoms in the room. It might have been her first time as she was very shy, but I guided her through it and it helped me to finish.


Quite limited English, and her profile has obviously been written by her boyfriend/partner. I tried to explain that I'd recently been to Seoul and asked which city she was from, but couldn't really get her to understand.

Their house is pretty far outside the city, around 5 miles if I remember correctly. I'd finished work early and had nothing better to do, so I stupidly decided to walk from the town centre and get some exercise. It took bloody ages to get there and I definitely needed a massage by the time I arrived.

The bad experience I had when leaving, as described above.


I'd be quite happy to go back for another massage. She's very beautiful and makes you feel relaxed, and has very soft hands. I'm sure the bad experience leaving was just bad luck and it's unlikely to happen in future.
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1 review(s) found for yokarebecca linked to in above post (0 positive, 1 neutral, 0 negative)

Offline James999

According to her profile there's a lot of people she won't see

"sorry i dont see east asian ie korean, japanese and chinese, eastern europe, blacks, under 18 or over 75. also i dont like to see two clients at the same time,"

It is funny how she doesn't like to see two clients at a time but books them back to back so they cross in the hall  :music:

Offline nigel4498

Looks like she is on the move as she is asking for accommodation for 3 or 4 times a week.
Any one got a spare a room?

Offline johor299

Looks like she is on the move as she is asking for accommodation for 3 or 4 times a week.
Any one got a spare a room?

I just saw this on her profile, the house I went to 3 months ago was quite large and residential, seemed very homey and personalised so I got the impression she'd been there a while, it wasn't a rented apartment or anything.

I forgot to add comment to my review: Her profile says she's 24, but I'd say more late 20s/earlier 30s. Don't let that put you off though, she's still very attractive  :)
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