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I saw Stacey in November last year, but there are no reviews of her on the forum so I thought I'd add one.

The background to this booking has a bit of a story. All the text in Italics below can be ignored if you want to skip straight to the review!

So, a long time ago whilst on my first business trip to Hong Kong, after a long day of walking around on my day off, I went for a massage in my hotel's massage centre. This was before I started punting as I was only 24, and the receptionist confirmed "don't try anything extra with the girls". I was given a young, beautiful Chinese girl who gave an expert massage, one of the best I've ever had. Had a towel wrapped around my lower half the entire time and it was just an upper body/back massage. I tried a bit of conversation with her but she spoke no English at all.

As I left and was walking through the basement lobby towards the elevators, a girl ran up to me and grabbed my arm. Conversation went like this:

Her: Hey misser, my fren who jus give you massage, she no speak the English, but she wan fuck you, what your room nummer?
Me: Ummm... (10 second pause)... is this a joke?
Her: No no, she really like you, she wan see you, she finishing work one hour.
Me: (another pause)... umm 905

Immediately after I gave my room number, the receptionist started shouting in Chinese at the girl, so she let go of my arm and ran back to the massage centre giggling. Heading back to my room, I wondered... was this a joke? Will she forget my room number? Is this a scam?

Just to be safe, I locked my passport, money and valuables in the safe. Then went down to the nearby mini-supermarket and bought some condoms. Back in my room, I fell asleep on the bed and was woken an hour later by a knock on the door. I was quite shy and the first 30 minutes were awkward as we tried to converse with the use of hand gestures (this was a long time before instant translation on smart phones!)

But when she started taking her clothes off, I knew I was in luck. She rolled me over on the bed so I was face down, and I thought, "ah another massage maybe?" But she did something very weird. She sat on my neck and started rubbing her wet pussy all over the back of my neck, a kind of reverse facesitting? This continued for 15 minutes, and then she moved down. Before I could blink, she'd spread my cheeks and had her tongue deep inside my bum, so deep it was like trying to dig something out. It was the first time I'd ever experienced rimming, and from a young, seemingly innocent girl! Needless to say, she had a filthy mind and I did many things for the first time that night.

Anyway... moving on to the present day. I was relating the story to a friend when I realised I'd never had rimming since that day, and I had an upcoming week in Southampton with work, so tried to seek out a local escort who offers it. Many girls who had it listed on their profile replied to my emails saying "no I only receive", or "it's not guaranteed", but I came across xxxx-stacey36-xxxx who guaranteed rimming as she supposedly loved it. So I made a booking.

She really is a lover of rimming, and I spent a good chunk of the 1-hour booking with her tongue licking me out whilst giving me a handjob!
She gets VERY wet, which I always love. And fingering was fine, once she was satisfied my fingernails were short enough.
Very deep French kissing (luckily I'd remembered to shave just before going, so didn't have any stubble) :)
Bed was very comfortable and the sheets were clean.
Not a clockwatcher at all, and I ended up overstaying by 15 minutes.

No face picture on profile - only one picture in fact. But she's quite attractive and has a nice body.
The only condoms she had were a brand I don't like (quite tight fitting), but she did say I could bring my own in future.
She offered a massage between rounds, but it was quite poor and I got bored after 2 minutes, which annoyed her a little.
Her house isn't exactly central - I was relying on public transport and the buses to her suburb are infrequent, so I ended up getting a taxi.

I'd say she's definitely worth visiting if you want to experience an intense and sensual rimjob, she really does love giving. But even if you're not into that, she offers a great GFE, with DFK, OWO etc. Don't bother with the massage though!

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