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Author Topic: Lucy999  (Read 655 times)

Anybody seen this girl yet? Advertises as a 'muscleslut' but not too sure and also not sure if she's had a boob uplift due to kids....look like vertical scars on her overdone tit job, any advice would be great asno feedback as yet

Offline CBPaul

Oh go on, I'll do it.

https://www.adultwork.com/2181346 or https://www.adultwork.com/Lucy999

Definitely muscled and definitely a ludicrous boob job. Not surprised there's no fb, looks fucking terrible.

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Offline SaneOnes

Don't mind the body at all but her face alone makes her an all-round scary package. Maybe if she had straightened her hair and I'd brought masks for both of us ... ... ... ...

Decided to take one for the team....welcomed by an aggressive barking dog, lead into a tiny dirty cramped room. Her attitude was that of somebody that can't be bothered, due to her jawline and clit I'd say she's taking male hormones, horrible fake boobs covered in scars from a disater of a boob job. She advertised and agreed facial but refused once there!! Then at the end she just said 'I'm going to get changed...bye' and left me to see myself out! A complete nightmare to be honest and nothing positive to say

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