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Author Topic: Naughty Slut Soph  (Read 3433 times)

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Offline Alde

https://www.adultwork.com/698281 or https://www.adultwork.com/Naughty+slut+soph

Not certain if I am allowed to list another review for Naught Slut Soph.  If not then I am sure that Admin will tell me.

By the way this is only my second review - I am not in Cisco's league and I am sorry if it reads too much like something out of a lad's mag but I'm telling it as it is!  I am sure more senior UKP members will put me on the straight and narrow if I get it wrong.

I was lucky enough to meet with Soph recently.  As most Soph aficionados will know she is very very popular and has a limited number of incall bookings each week.  I booked my appointment weeks in advance.  After reading about her on UKP and reading her AW feedback the anticipation nearly killed me!

Anyway email comms with her were excellent - she can even put you at ease by email!!  Anyway on the day of the races, we spoke in the morning to agree services and clothing etc.  Nothing was too much trouble for her (although I am a bit of a vanilla sort of guy I must admit).

A few hours before the meeting, she told me she would be free slightly earlier and did I want to advance my arrival time?  Very thoughtful of her and I almost bit her hand off - of course I did!!!

Anyway on to the meeting:

The venue was a modern hotel in Bristol City Centre.  Easy to find.  No key card access.  No problems with reception staff.

Anyway Soph called me up to the room.  I got there and was just about to knock when the door was almost flung open and Soph pulled me inside in a very welcoming sort of way. Before I had a chance even to speak she greeted me with a very long and sloppy french kiss.  WOW instant hard on!!!!  I came up for air and to say hello and to get a proper look at her.  A stunning blonde.  Very pretty face and drop-dead gorgeous figure.  She was wearing a skimpy dress, bra, stockings and, as I found out later, no knickers. 

She pulled me across to the bed and she sat on one corner of it with me still standing.  At this point I was fumbling around trying to give her an envelope with her fee in it.  She did not seem at all bothered about this as she was intent on undoing my trousers and within an instant she had my cock in her mouth.  Talk about making your client feel welcome!!!!!!  I had only been in the room for less that 3 minutes by now!!

Anyway, things progressed.  Off with my clothes and also Soph's dress and bra.  What magnificent tits (yes enhanced but who cares!!).  I went for some RO first - I like to make a good impression on a first meet!!!!  A fully shaved pussy that was sweet tasting.  Then when Soph had enough of that, she got me to lie in my back as it was now my turn for some more of her oral skills. 

She then proceeded to give me the best blow job ever.  Long, slow, sloppy.  She brought me to the edge and back several times in I just don't know how long!  I tried to hold back for as long as I could as I was enjoying the moment. 

Anyway pop time came.  My fault as this happened just as Soph was coming up for air.  With my cock out of her mouth, I was like Mount Vesuvius erupting (on advice from this forum, I  had been saving it up for a while!).  Now at this point, most girls would move their heads away and just let it happen on its own.  Not Soph!  As soon as she realised what was happening, she went back down on my cock so that she could catch as much of my load as possible in her mouth which she duly did.  She then swallowed the lot, including licking it off my stomach and then complimenting me on how tasty it was!  I thought that I had died and gone to heaven by now!!!!  She advertises cum-drinking on her profile and, unlike other girls, she definitely does it and appears to enjoy it!!! No question about that.

We then had a long and sloppy DFK session and I went into recovery mode for Round 2 whilst Soph gave me a quick massage

There was so much happening that I can't quite remember the order of events.  But at some stage Soph got up off the bed and went over to her bag of tricks and pulled out a small vibrator which I was instructed to use on her clit and then inside her as we continued to mix between DFK and me sucking her fantastic nipples.  She came like a good-un with lots of very convincing moaning. 

Then onto my Round 2 which was just as spectacular.  Doggy then finished off in mish with Soph moaning convincingly again as I came hard - this time balls-deep inside her (protected of course). 

Anyway another quick recovery and I was then offered a shower and a clean towel and then time to say good-bye sadly!

My booking was only a hour long but it was an action packed hour.  Did not try anal this time but saving that for my next booking with her!

I can honestly say Soph is the absolute best punt that I have had (I have not had that many but have had a few over the years) and I wish I had discovered her sooner.

The other reviews of her here speak for themselves. She has been described by others as the Gold Standard. I agree fully and, no, I am not touting but just telling it as it is!!!

21 review(s) found for Naughty slut soph linked to in above post (20 positive, 0 neutral, 1 negative)

Offline ciscoxxx69

Fantastic review Alde!
Great stuff.....she really is a must see. A top performer on all levels.....
Glad you had a great time as it is always subjective, so glad you concurred with my feelings about her! :drinks:

Offline Alde

Fantastic review Alde!
Great stuff.....she really is a must see. A top performer on all levels.....
Glad you had a great time as it is always subjective, so glad you concurred with my feelings about her! :drinks:

Thanks Cisco.  I cant wait to get back to Bristol for another session.  I hope to be more adventurous next time!  Slowly does it for me!!! :) :thumbsup:

Offline SirFrank

Great review mate. She really is the good standard girl in SW. One of the best punts I've ever had. Glad you had a good time
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