Author Topic: ROXANA ❤️NEW PRETTY GIRL. OWO❤️- Bradford  (Read 1212 times)

Saw profile of this Romanian cutie and instantly wanted to make her my wife ….for half an hour! Made the call, got the promises and made my way west… I was a bit

weary of Bradford, Manningham but mini-me was brave enough for us both..  Area looked a bit dodgy and at night leaving your car there would be at your own risk.

Got in the room, and although it is the girl in the profile she is unbelievably slim, small and slight.  I have never podged a bird this skinny before in my life, so skinny it

didn’t feel right.  Very flat chested, no figure and no bum….English good.   £50/30 mins, she reneged on the OWO, (extra) when in the room, but I had a stiffy already

so didn’t walk. 

Very vanilla CG and Mish, doggie was not allowed.  Wet-wiped me todge, got dressed, had a little chat and left……a very forgettable meet!

Be warned though, she shares a flat with at least one other bird….said Hi, (nowt special).   Skinny had 4 phones/profiles possibly on the go so that could be at least 8

profiles on the go ..I know as I got stung when a week later I rang another Manningham profile, got to the same flat thinking it’ll be a different bird and boom, it was

“skinny” again… and yes..I failed to walk and stayed for a quickie…15 mins/£30.  She may be small and skinny but I think they’ve got Manningham locked down.. Can

girls have a Napoleon Complex too?

Return?  Nope!  Avoid the postcode….BD8 7AD.  And avoid: 07309449573  :07310004932 :07310515508. Although, as always, YMMV.     profile she nicked from Viva Birmingham.


Thanks for the review and the warning :hi: