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As I continue on my quest to find the best asian escort in the Midlands and South Yorkshire I came across New Thai Barbies profile and after the usual checks  decided to book an hour.

Barbie is your typical small, thin Thai with a great set of tits.
I paid £140 for the hour with anal (anal was £20) extra and given the size of her thought it may have been an issue but nope she was fine.

Her attitude was great, friendly and I immediately felt relaxed in her company. Great body, friendly smile bit of chatter which in all honesty I wasn't really listening too as I was more interested in sampling the goods on offer.

Started with a quick massage and then straight into oral with her flicking her tongue up and down and looking directly at me while she was doing this. She is pretty and it was a great sight to see her burying my cock into her throat. Not deep though more half way down then some focus on the balls.

Onto missionary and she applied some lube then straight in, no issues. now considering she has a great tight body, I was expecting a nice tight experience but this was not the case and I felt hardly anything. This clearly was not working for me so flipped her over for anal which was tight and she had no complaints regarding size (I am not overly large, would say average). This felt tighter and again watching her take my cock from behind was yet another great sight but something was just not happening with me and I opted for more oral to finish. Which I didn't for some reason.

I'm not quite sure what happened she has all the tools but it did not do it for me. I think my mind was elsewhere.

For me this was a bit of an everything on offer but nothing clicked meet.

Like I said nothing wrong with Barbie, just not right for me if that makes sense.

If I where to sum it up, great body but her pussy was not tight enough to get me off coupled with no deepthroat just made this meet a bit of a waste really.

Like I said cracking body, great attitude but no connection. Pity really as she is a very nice girl.

I can't really fault her attitude or the services she provides, just the way in which they are provided did not work for me.

She is in the well know apartments near division street and is here for another week.

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