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Author Topic: Sarah BABE - Harrow  (Read 1532 times)

Offline som2083

Anyone tried this lady?

I understand she does not offer OWO, CIM and swallow. But, is good for me. In fact, is better for me because I prefer WG who never offer OWO, CIM, swallow and bareback

She looks attractive and young, but ZERO review


Offline Steve2

She has hidden the feedback. Not always a good sign

no phone number and looks very fit for £100 ph also bad signs

Offline vt

Pics get no Google matches, but look to me like something taken 10-15 years ago, the decor, the hairstyle, the lingerie...something not quite right there.  :unknown:

Happy to be proved wrong, never seen a prossie quite as hot as that for £100!  :)

Offline Steve2

Based on the postcode and look, I'd guess she is in D********** G********HA7 and Romanian, where there have been mixed reports

Offline som2083

Thanks Steve

Then, I better avoid it

Offline som2083

 May I know what is D********** G*******

Offline chodu1

A road in Stanmore HA7, where the prossies are shit.

Offline ddfun

Erm......there's been at least 2 there that have been outstanding........

Offline Steve2

A road in Stanmore HA7, where the prossies are shit.

Not all. There are 2 houses there, one with Hungarians that have been mainly good and one with Romanians where the feedback has been mixed

Offline Stav096

21,000+ unique page visits, looks like no one has got their dick wet yet.

Offline Tonyleung

I've seen those photo's on AW before on another profile.

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