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Met this woman Friday.
Good communication and address given upon arrival to postcode.
Parking is an issue dependant on day and time, but managed to park up near to house.
Knocked on door, door opened and behind door was in my eyes an absolutely fit MILF.
Dressed as requested in a one piece lace outfit with easy access and heels.
This woman clearly looks after herself and has an amazing body that girls less than half her age would be proud of.
Led me upstairs to the bedroom.
She was very friendly and complimentary towards me, dont think she was expecting what turned up  .
Was very attentive and asked what i liked.
Lots of kissing before turning her attention to my cock with OWO.
I then turned my attention to her, this woman has one of the nicest pussys i have ever seen, shaved, clean and tight.
Just had to taste it and insert a finger.
Then on to missionary, with her laid on the bed and legs pushed back.
Wow this woman is tight and it wasnt long before i came GOD DAMMIT.
She went on top of me whilst we spent time chatting about stuff and what we would do on another visit.
This woman is attentive, genuine, fit and an absolutely lovely person.
Will i see her again???? HELL YEAH.
If you see her, all i can say is dont be a total nobhead, treat people with respect irrespective

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I was going to try and book her today but just saw the profile picture on her AW page. She looks rough as on there.

Offline muffin

Age 52 and some. Fuck that i can fuck an old 1 at home!!

But thanks for sharing ymmv
Why?????? Do you live with your mum 🤣🤣🤣😍

I know it's the season for adverts, but that's the full john Lewis

I know it's the season for adverts, but that's the full john Lewis

Probably written by the lady herself! 1 review and it’s gushing about her. God knows how he will feel if he meets a stunner.