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After a few requests for a review. Here it is.

This was back around September, so I can't remember all the details.

I messaged aliyah, a while later she replied. Confirmed details, and the type of massage I wanted.
She works from the flats near the old Green Flag building off the Ring Road in Pudsey.
I got there messaged to let her know I had arrived, after a few back and forth messages I made my way up.
When I got there, I was expecting a Pakistani girl. Instead it was a Polish woman, around 35-40. Completely different body to the picture. She was in her bra and knickers. She was decent looking, but i didn't like the complete bs on her part.
When I told her she doesn't look Pakistani she told me she's half. I asked her if she spoke any urdu, she told me her dad left her when she was young. That still didn't explain the completely different pictures.
So I walked.

I normally wouldn't pay £80 for a massage, but from a young Pakistani girl. It might have been worth it.

Although at the time anal wasn't on the table. Maybe a few people have walked. Hence she now does Anal

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Well done for walking MrM  :hi: :hi: and thanks for the warning.