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30 mins

A few days a go in Wakefield
Hi .... a long time onlooker . But here goes ..
I am very vanilla and don’t often do full sex . Just a good grope and oral with .
Mel is a very good with comms , via the adult work site .. easy ...
The profile of her is spot on
So did a google maps of the area prior to the visit to make sure I would be on time and obviously making sure I’m not visiting a girl that lives next to a mate or a mate of our lass ...😆
Parked my car a few streets away and then gave Mel a ring . Directions and instructions  were very easy to follow . So with a spring in my step and a few nerves and hoping she was not a Mike Tyson lookalike , I had happiness that I would be face deep in her big tits .
I knocked and I hid behind the door for a joke , didn’t really , but Mel did . Luckily she looked superb and not like Mike Tyson .
Big boobs
Nice firm arse
Lovely skin tone and smoothness
Easy going
Compliments you
Made to feel welcome
Good play  with her boobs , HJ , BJ With , and a massage . 2x comes
Exceeded the 30 mins , Mel is easy with time
Profile is 9/10 authentic
Enjoyment 9/10
Discreet of location 6/10
Value 8/10
Would I visit again - yeah


Thanks for that, good and straight to the point

Nowt wrong with being a bit vanilla, i would say that these days a good 50% of my meets are HJ/BJ sort of thing, though StarNatalia was a recent and well deserved exeption  :cool:

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Good review, thanks for sharing.

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Thanks for the review pal, glad to hear it was a good un  :drinks:

I'll have to try and find a way to give her a revisit as soon as possible

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Have met this lady in the past,  didn't  but would reccomend a visit , as she was very willing to provide a good service