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Duration 45 minutes £100
Location Her apartment in Huddersfield. Secure gated community
Lady as per her photos. Pretty face, long blonde hair, asked for a sexy secretary look and she delivered with great lingerie, blouse, skirt, glasses etc
Meeting. She is a really nice lady. Looks wise I’d say a solid 8, nice big tits, small pert arse, carrying a bit around the middle but kept her basque on. Started with some french kissing, then a lovely back massage, quite good in fact, nibbling my ear, whispering to me. Then some great OWO, pretty deep had me close to the edge, plant of attention to the balls. On with the rubber and took her from behind, there’s a mirror in the room and she was happy with her hair being pulled and spanking. Carried on for a while, took a couple of breaks when the sap was rising.
Then on my back and back to a blowjob, finished with CIM and a bit of a facial. She was very eager to please and came across as enjoying herself.

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Offline Bustydusty

Cheers she looks good - 14 would be around the maximum for me so would u say that the size is accurate?

Offline viper13

Same here my max size is usually a 10 tops

Had her on my HL for a while and had correspondence with her, she comes across really nice so kept her on my list, just the size holding me back  :unknown:

Thanks for the review  :hi:

Offline TomTank

have her prices gone up already?

I would say that she’s a 14. Wouldn’t normally be my type but I was pleasantly surprised

Offline TomTank

Here's my review

I'm normally into skinny girls but the size (14?) wasn't an issue.
I think it's because she has a nice sexy manner, is very tanned and has lovely boobs.