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£75/30 mins (£65 for GFE, £10 CIM)

My first experience of GFE was Abby 5 months ago - and shortly after she quit the place. Well she's back :)

Anyway Abby - well she's totally gorgeous, maybe the most beautiful girl I've ever punted with. She's quite short, 5'3 or 5'4 maybe - and loves massive heels. Her boobs are a lovely size for her frame and natural. A little soft - consequence of binge dieting she said and she's planning on having a boob job. Noooooooooo - that's like going to Gordon Ramseys for dinner and slapping ketchup all over it. She's got a fun personality, very essex girl with a southern accent and copious amounts of fake tan. She had a bra and pants on - the kind of pants that tie up at the side which is so frigging sexy especially when they come off.

We get privileged to have the VIP room as they are doing the other rooms up. Shower and on to the punt. I get on the bed and get nagged for getting the bed wet so my punishment is lots of snogging. There were some of my other favourites working today but the one thing Abby does better than any other WG I've been with was kiss with loads of tongue and that was mostly why I wanted to see her again. A few minutes of kissing and I suggest she moves down and she pipes up "good, I love sucking cock". To be bluntly honest she average at this but she does great eye contact, she kept wiggling her arse and pussy round so I could get at it (without prompting).

Bit of RO next There should be a warning sign on her pussy, there were these legs flailing around all over the place like helicopter blades or something - brilliant stuff but I did fear my head might get crushed. More snogging, more oral, slow shag in mish with snogging and lots of tongue then she climbs on top but the lazy cow makes me do all the work :)

I decide to finish with a facial/CIM and she's happy with that with some comment on how she loves a mouthul of spunk. She gets me to kneel over her so I get to see it better - I didn't need prompting twice and noticed the mirror behind me.

She then lies on the bed & gives me a bit of a massage and chat. I notice my time is up I initiaite moving my arse so as not to take the piss. She really didn't clock watch last time either. I shower and she goes in after and gets "dressed". There's the pole there and she tells me how she can't actually pole dance - like I care. More really an example that there was constant interaction and conversation which was nice.

Overall Abby is brilliant. She's gorgeous, she's fun and she's as enthusiastic as you can get. She doesn't really come across as dirty like say Sammy or Jessica, more a case of natural enthusiasm and enjoying what she does - really enjoying what she does. 2nd time I've seen her and there were some other very good girls working today challenging for my punting £££ but Abby was even better than last time, spot on. What she did so well was see the whole thing from the punter's perspective - she preempts everything you would like to ask and tries her hardest to make everything as good as it can be.

I sat down to write this up I had a thought - is it too late to go back for another half hour. Bugger!