Author Topic: Nicolle & Giulia - Bradford  (Read 1831 times)

1 hour £300

Total waste of money, stunning young ladies but wouldn’t kiss me & wanted £50 extra to kiss/touch each other. No OWO, I came from a blowjob from one of them & came again from the other riding me in cowgirl. I had a crap 4 handed massage & wanted round 3 but they said I could only cum twice unless I payed more. I was back outside 30 minutes after I arrived.
I should have just booked them separately for an hour at £100 & saved some money!

So sorry mate, that’s a lot of money. Did they agree upfront or did you rush into it?

Offline mrfishyfoo

I feel your pain MrYL.  :scare: :scare:

Cheers for sharing fella.  :hi: :hi:

Offline qarma

What an awful experience! And awfully expensive too!!

Onward and upward mate. We all make poor judgements in this game from time to time. Learn and move on!

Thanks for sharing.


For some reason, I am not at all surprised at the outcome  :D

Better luck next time :hi: