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www.adultwork.com/2446128 https://www.adultwork.com/sandra%5Fnicole

My first punt for 3 or 4 weeks and I meet a cracker!

Comms were good, answered the phone, her English isn't great but enough to make an appointment and she sent the address details by SMS. Asked me to wait 5 minutes when I arrived but texted me as soon as she was ready, so all good in that respect.

The picture on the main profile doesn't really show how beautiful this girl is facially, but the gallery picture does, she really should use that as her main photo. She is just over 5' tall, but wears tall heels that elevate her when she greets you in the hotel room. A slim size 6, leggy, nice bum, long straight black hair that tumbles down to her shoulders. Only negative is she has a pair of bee stings that are her breasts but you can't have everything. She carries herself very well, very ladylike, very smiley. And she was wearing nice lingerie that soon came off.

Started off with kissing, which should be described as light FK. But you cannot help but touch and caress Sandra, and she is quite tactile herself. I was pretty much taking the lead and she was compliant. I paid an extra £20 for OWO which was well worth it. She says she doesn't offer OWO to every guy, not sure if that's an ego boost or the truth but it worked for me! After a few minutes she really got into the whole thing: her kissing became more deeper, she got wet quickly, and seemed to enjoy herself. She really enjoys oral on her, and a good proportion of the 30 minute meet was me going down on her very clean pussy, and she made approving noises.

I went for CIM which she seemed to appreciate, I'm guessing that most guys probably fuck her silly so she was probably glad her pussy was given a bit of respite. I really wanted to fuck her too but I was in a lazy mood and decided to finish in her mouth. She got me pretty excited and I came earlier than I should have, but I told her to carry on as I had more to give. And she did give me more OWO which resulted in a bigger spurt. It has to be said that though she didn't take either finish totally in her mouth - and yes I don't think she enjoys CIM - she really got into it trying to make me come.

She moves around, and though I saw her in Thurrock today she doesn't know where she will be tomorrow. A shame, as I was ready to make another appointment with her if she was still there tomorrow. Definitely a girl I want to meet again. Some of you may think that £60/30 minutes & £20 extra for OWO is too much, but for her beauty & grace I would say that she's a bargain at that price.

Oh, and she is Romanian!
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1 review(s) found for sandra_nicole linked to in above post (1 positive, 0 neutral, 0 negative)


Thanks for the review - she does look nice but for me i need some meat on the tits - however glad you had a good session

Offline mr man

How old would you say she is? her profile says 18. She looks young in her main pic but looks a few years older in gallery. Bloody women and their make up, can never tell how old they truly are  :D

I would say she is early to mid 20s. She seems relatively new to all this and is quite wide eyed about what she is doing, pretty refreshing in my opinion.

When I arrived the first thing she said was her English isn't brilliant, but I said it was better than my Romanian which caused her to chuckle. It's ok, she will understand what you want!

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