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Author Topic: Nikki-Blair St  (Read 2046 times)

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Here's my much delayed review of Nikki, a relatively new girl in BSS.

She's blonde, size 6, has a small stud near her top (mouth) lip and looks a little chavvy/WAG like but in a good way. I like fake tits and hers are fine, though a bit disproportionately large for her frame. (See Vivienne at BSS for how it should be done-perfection!)

But Nikki's young, with a firm hot body and Scottish!

Good OW, good fucking in all positions and up for anal play both ways and some dirty chat. Tries hard in the room, though she's a little bit "what do you like", though I don't mind that.

Another positive for me is that she's not in the least chavvy when she opens her mouth (to speak). She's an intelligent, sensible girl who's learning fast. She said to me she'd been in the Paradise for three months and had come to BSS at end of March.

She'd been in training in a semi-professional vocation in the NHS but circumstances necessitated extra money and she said she'd left to do escorting full time because of the money. She seemed intent on making it her full time occupation, at least in the short term, which is why her limited availability reported elsewhere here seems a bit strange.

Unless she was just spinning me a line and she's still working part-time, either at that or at something totally different. I don't think so, though, because her "back story" all fitted but maybe she's just very good at it, because she's not stupid.

Anyway, a good, firm positive and I'll be back.

Could you guess her boob size? does she do owo or facials


God, I'm no good at boob sizes! Around a C/D cup I would say; not hugely big in the scheme of things but they don't look quite right on her because she's so petite.

There was no OWO (though I didn't ask for OW either) and I'm not particularly bothered about facials. If she doesn't do OWO, she's probably not up for a facial.

On the other hand, I got the feeling that if you played the long game and she knew you better, things would relax a bit.

Offline Ali

I have been trying to visit Nicky for two weeks but she is never around, I have phoned several times but she is not working

Booked vikki on Thursday,

Had a nice back rub as she was telling me why she hadn't been into work recently.

In the room very good owo , sex in various positions and giving her oral with my finger up her arse  :D and finished off cuming on her nice big tits.

Did offer me to finish on her face, (but that's extra)

Did say she can only work am shifts due to train timetable.

Highly recommend though.

Offline Kaffeine Monsta

You can always ring up reception and find out who is on. The official site is so useless. Just a stock image?

Offline Mindful

Yes, I would make Nikki a Positive as well.
Not sure what age she is, maybe 29yo. Obviously experienced and excellent at owo.
I think Vivian is more attractive.

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Offline Ali

Yes, I would make Nikki a Positive as well.
Not sure what age she is, maybe 29yo. Obviously experienced and excellent at owo.
I think Vivian is more attractive.
I haven't met Nikki but based on what I have read about her I thought she was in her early twenties rather than around 30!  Again based on the feedbacks here I thought she was more attractive than Vivienne not the other way round.  I am not sure if I will ever catch Nikki in.

Prob younger than 30, but very chav in appearance.

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