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Author Topic: THE BEST ESCORT - Walthamstow  (Read 881 times)

12 review(s) for this service provider (AdultWork - 2009796) (6 positive, 4 neutral, 2 negative) [Indexed by Admin]

https://www.adultwork.com/2009796 or https://www.adultwork.com/THE+BEST+ESCORT

Good looks, but very perfunctory service.  I will agree with TomatoSauce's review in that her body is amazing, particularly her soft, upstanding tits, and she rides well with lots of energy, but she gets a neutral overall from me simply because she's not into it at all.

Location: Much better than the previous damp shithole converted garage, but its next to a Pizza place, and as I entered and left there was a delivery guy getting on his bike right in front of the door so they probably know what's going on. You could see her wrapped in a pink-coloured towel through the glass door (She had made no effort to wear a dress etc, which would have made it more enticing when following her up the stairs).

DFK/foreplay- DFK only at the start, and thereafter was never initiated by her and when I went for it she gave me just enough tongue to qualify as FK, then offered her neck.  Hint of smoker's breath. Foreplay was made difficult by her complaining that my hands were cold (fair enough), but when I have had this problem with other WG's they have been proactive- either cupping my hands together and rubbing or placing my hands on their ass with their hands on top etc. She made no effort to engage me in this way, and just said let's go to the bed, where she commenced with wet-wiping my cock to death. Not very erotic.

OWO- positions herself awkwardly facing away from you on the bed, and to your side, so that you cant see shit apart from the back of her head, or have easy access to tits or fanny.  On request, she did move facing towards me, but again head was firmly down and never looked up or did/said anything remotely sexy- she just got on with it.  Did not listen to my request of less hands, and she stopped her (decent) owo every so often to wank me furiously, no doubt in an attempt to make me come quickly. She is a wet-wipe fanatic, stopping OWO every 20secs to wipe away precum.

Reverse Oral- Spotlessly clean, but she's got some beef-curtains on her and I don't find it attractive. Anyway, we did some reverse oral and she just lay there, staring at me blank faced, and when ever I looked up at her, instead of moaning or responding in any way, she just looked away at the wall, as if we were two awkward tube passengers who's eyes met for a moment too long. She didn't become very wet or need to go for a pee like some girls do after enjoying oral. She also asked me questions while I was at it - which was more surreal than erotic - Chit-chat with my head between her legs? Very odd.

Sex- Passable. She's better when she's on top and rides well, but again she is riding fast and mechanically just to make you come, not like a good GFE provider who will mix the pace up, grind into you and pull your head towards her for DFK or bite your neck or suck your thumb or whatever-  none of that, she just does what it says on the tin. She wet wiped the condom every time we changed position (ironically she is trying to be hygienic, but is risking damaging the condom) and asked me to not touch the condom (which is on my own dick. So basically I can't touch my own dick during this punt while I have a condom on).

The finish- Politely warned me that my time was almost up, and asked how I wanted to finish. Came over her tits (again she was just lying there...face turned away from me, and reminding me "please not on my face", didn't stroke my balls or touch me in any way). Just very, very robotic.  Couldn't shower or even freshen up in the toilet as she had someone else coming.

At £100ph and in that area, she doesn't represent good value.  BlondyStella used to work in Walthamstow at £70ph, for example, and she was an amazing shag.  I have even had several £40 quickies recently that were much better value and the girls were more responsive. If you can put up with fucking a life-size doll (with an admittedly stunning figure) and have £100 to blow, you will be happy.  Those seeking a girl who's genuinely into it (or at least a convincing performer), should look elsewhere. I left wishing I just stuck with a good 'un like Mia in North Acton or CleoBlondeBabe.
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12 review(s) found for the service provider linked to in above post (6 positive, 4 neutral, 2 negative)

good review JJ , sorry you had a less than great punt, I wonder if she is getting jaded or close to going home  :unknown:

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