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Author Topic: St Peters & Coco  (Read 1021 times)

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Offline wonky

After reading many of the Asian threads in Cardiff I finally managed to go to one of the Asian establishments. St Peters is not to far from the centre of Cardiff, a shot taxi ride or decent walk. Parking I can never figure out these city rules but there did seem to be short stay parking at the local religious head quarters!

When I rang I actually did speak to coco after expecting a man or old lady. Anyway she told me where to go and I was there within 20min and she let me in. Easy to find. A number of over looking flats but not too open. Room was pleasant enough. Didn't seem to be shower facilities available.

While the mission was in progress the old lady did return from the shops and at the end she let me out... I don't know what I was expecting but she didn't give me evils or a disgusted look. Just opened the door and ushered me out!


Coco..... First impressions were not the best. Obviously very short, what seemed 'plump' in her body undies and not the prettiest face (I prefer Thais).. And my first thoughts were bugger this isn't the famous Coco....

I was wrong.

She started by instructing me to lie on my chest while she stroked and kissed my back all over.. Next the hot tea blowjob.. It was different. Good different. On with Johnny and we had a quick romp. She seemed to genuinely love it and was disappointed when I came.

I'm normally eager to leave at this point but her massage nearly put her to sleep..

+1 internets to Ledley for this suggestion..

Offline ledley

Doesn't sound like Coco at all mate.

they know how popular she is and they use her name for other girls.

She was here last week but now she is gone.

If it was her then of course u r entitled to your opinion. She was always mind blowing when i saw her

Offline wonky

Perhaps I should of said once she got naked she had a great body... I think the undies she was wearing squished things up and didn't look good. She was also extremely giggly and happy.

Offline wonky

i got the phonenumber from another thread on here.. besides that i dont know if there are any AW links..

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