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Author Topic: Razzfoxhollies  (Read 1042 times)


Has anyone seen Razz

https://www.adultwork.com/2407579 or https://www.adultwork.com/Razzfoxhollies

Has no pictures or feedback, but description suits my tastes.
Would appreciate any info.

Online bestpunt

Yes I've been seeing her since 2006.  Really nice service and she's on vivastreet as raz bollywood escort.
busty curvy bengali babe.

well what do I say  :dash: cant say much on raz because I never got to see her  :thumbsdown: I was looking for a early morning punt and really wanted to see raz big tits and Asian so I ring the number on viva no answer I ring the number on aw and a girl called Katie answered. I mistakenly say I got number off viva so she says "what you mean you got this number off there CUZ it ENT on there" trying to get a word in I say oh it must of been aw. she seemed very hostile from the get go but went on to tell me about raz the said "shal I txt you the postcode and waste my time the"  I said sorry ? she said "shal I waste my credit and txt it you are you really gonna come " yes I am going to come "ok well she is in the shop over the road make your way down when you a petrol station ring and ill tell you where to go"

so after the snotty attitude I decided I still try to see raz even with this Katie's attitude. i then get a txt of the first number I rang (RAZ's) saying sorry I missed your call. I had just got to the petrol station so rang that number back to say I was there. Katie answered again this is when it got strange lol she started shouting abuse down the phone something about im ringing every whore in Birmingham you stupid cunt  :wacko: trying to get a word in to say wait let me explain she still went on to tell me im a prick and this and that when I finally said how I had both numbers she tried to slightly change her tone but I was fully turned off at this point and said Im obv not going to go to the house now. to witch the abuse came once more and I hung up.

then got a txt saying timewaster I replied saying she had wasted my time and needed to work on her people skills she went on to tell me to get a life get a wife  :dash: lol and many more abusive txts shocking people skills and lost her friend money cant say anything bad about raz tho as I never got to see her. shame I feel abit more Horney now tho lol wish I banged her ill have a look for some one els any suggestions lads

Offline dboy74

It appears you had a narrow escape!

Very some on sent me a PM saying the two are full of them selfs and crackwhores :scare:

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