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Author Topic: Miss Hunni  (Read 3835 times)

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Offline GrumpyoldGit

On the way home from a call out, suddenly got the urge so texted Miss Hunni asking about a meet within the hour.
She replied straight away with a very positive YES.
She is exactly as shown on her profile. It is great to see a very accurate one now and then. (Wish they were all this accurate).
https://www.adultwork.com/907069 or https://www.adultwork.com/MISS+HUNNI
I texted when on the street and was given the number. On entry I was met by Hunnie in casual civvies.
I requested the bathroom and was shown too it.
Entered the bedroom and we both undressed. What a great body and figure she has.
Went for 69 and she looked, smelt and tasted very good. Looking at her small tight pussy was a magic sight.
She brought me very close to giving her my Man Fat in her mouth a couple of times before applying the hood.
She turned round and rode me to heaven and climax.
Would I return? Too fucking right I would.
I recommend her highly.

1 review(s) found for MISS HUNNI linked to in above post (1 positive, 0 neutral, 0 negative)

Offline Blitzed

Sounds good mate , what are her tits like? Pics not very good

Offline GrumpyoldGit

Very nice and definitely natural.
They have nice responsive nipples as well

Offline Hibernian

Also met her a few months ago in Stoke - great time - hope to see her again

Offline j122

She bid on my Notts outcall a couple of months ago, only reason I didn't choose her was because there was nothing on here about her at the time  :dash:

Offline CoolTiger

She bid on my Notts outcall a couple of months ago, only reason I didn't choose her was because there was nothing on here about her at the time  :dash:

Appears to be based in Stoke, but occasionally shows as working incalls in Leicester and in Nottingham.

Offline j122

Appears to be based in Stoke, but occasionally shows as working incalls in Leicester and in Nottingham.
really? can't see that on her profile

Offline CoolTiger

really? can't see that on her profile

I did mention occasionally. I took an interest in her profile in Jan 2014, when she advertised incalls in Leicester, so I added her to my HL and made notes on her profile accordingly. Since then, have been monitoring her and note down when she visits this area again. She changes her location entirely, so profile will only ever show only 1 city/town at a time.

Offline j122

OK thanks, will keep an eye out for her return to Notts  :)

Offline nwbrfc

I've just met her and feel (i) processed and (ii) duped.

Bear with me. Phoned her and ask if that is Hunni, as I like to be polite. "No, I'm answering her phone" says the woman. Can I arrange to meet Hunni please? "She's not available until 1pm". Can I book for 1pm please? "Call back in 10 mins and I'll know".

We all know the working girl's definition of time is slower than reality, so 15 mins later I call again and ask to make a booking. "She has a booking at 1pm, so 1:30m is the earliest". Ok, I'll take 1:30 please. "What service are you after? GFE or PSE? PSE is anal, facial and filming". Well that's right up my street, so yes please. 1 hour please. "OK 120 pounds, text again at 1pm to confirm you're on your way".

All in all, nothing wrong here, pretty standard form.

I text at 1pm as agreed. At 1:30 on the dot I text to say I have arrived. 5 mins later no answer so I call and the same lady answers. "Can you give me 5 mins as I've just got back from the chippy and need to eat." Funny, it sounded like the woman I had been speaking to, but maybe not(?). Anyway we've all got to eat and I'd never get in the way, but what was the booking at 1pm all about if she's just back from the chippy? Anyway, after the usual working girl time delay, 10 mins later she calls to say she's ready and gives me the room number.

On entering her room, she's polite but immediately asked for the money and pointed out that she has a girlfriend in the bathroom - ah I think, she must've been the woman I spoke to then. Anyway Hunni is exactly as per her photos, so I am very happy.

I strip and she offers a massage. OK, it can be a good ice breaker and so it was. Then turned over and she gets hold of the old man and I start to film. She offers her "cousin" to film it for me. OK I thought, sounds good. So she comes in and takes the phone (doesn't sound like the woman I had been speaking to). Hunni immediately goes to 69 with her "cousin" filming from her end. Her OWO is ok, but not the great experience her profile seems to suggest. I asked if she could take me deeper, but she says "No, I don't do deep throat". Funny, it's on her likes, but hey ho.

Then on with the mac and she offers to slip me in her arse if she can take me. She does it cowgirl and slips in about 1 inch and then removes me saying too big. Hmmmm. OK I suppose at least she tried. She gets off and removes the condom and says "Right then let's get that facial shot". What? I haven't even fucked her yet. So on with another mac and in mish we go. She's making the right noses but after a couple of mins she's asking for that facial again. Eh? We've hardly been at it yet. So into doggie and she lets me fuck her for about 5 mins and then she pulls away and asks for the facial. I give up and agree.

Wanks me to completion over her tits/jaw. Hmmmm not really a facial is it?

All of this is filmed by her "cousin".

That's it. Finished. It had been 25 mins in total and 5 of that was massage. On my getting dressed, Hunni confirms it was her I had spoken to all the times I called.

So, there was the bollocks about it not being her I was speaking to. Then the bollocks about the booking at 1pm. The usual late start. Then the really rushed service which wasn't that good anyway. Then to add salt to the wound, at home I see that part of the filming had been done upside down (impossible to rotate using an iPhone), so that's a fucking waste.

Really pissed off. And if there's any dispute about the truth of my experience, at least I have it on film. Which is all it's good for due to the camera work.

Offline Taggart

Hercule Poirot question: Did you detect a smell of chips or was that another bllx story?

Offline nwbrfc

Didn't smell chips, but she did tell me she didn't eat chips, just the burger and she did belch at the beginning, so that may have been legit.

Offline shylad57

Fuck me. Only an inch in her arse. Facial goes over her tits. Mate films it all upside down, and you get short changed on the time. Cant see what your complaining about really. She even went the extra mile and burped up her stinky burger for you when you got there. Some punters are just never happy.

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