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Author Topic: Natasha LSS  (Read 1361 times)

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Offline Darkhorse

Booked Natasha for 1 hour, she is sexy voluptuous Russian girl. After very good oral 69, followed by missionary and doggy style , 20 mins of intense session she abruptly puts me off, she started moaning that she can't carry on like this for hour. She looked in hurry to finish things off. Her english skills are quite descent, when I try to be little chatty with her she started complaining that its disrespectful to talk during sex. Overall very disappointing session, No Kissing, No Touching, no real eye contact, very cold response , clock watcher for whole time, finished things 15 mins before time and try to create a bit of drama for extra 10 pounds.     

Offline Marmalade

Another full-of-shit EE at London St. :scare:

Thanks for the update.

I would have complained; but they change so often there that it's hard to keep a decent list of doables and avoids.

Well DH it just goes to show, yet again-you can't buck the great laws of the universe.

The applicable one here being, don't even think about stepping into LSS unless you've got Lucy booked.

I mean, really- "sexy, voluptuous Russian girl" in LSS? It just couldn't end well. In fact that's another great law of the universe in the making.

But they're all just sub-laws of the main one- don't even think about stepping into LSS unless you've got Lucy booked.

Offline Mindful

Good to know because I came very close to picking Natasha on Saturday.
Abby is very similar.
An hour may be a bit too long for a sauna.
To me Lucy is an old slag wouldn't go near her.
Anyway the atraction of LSS is that you can sit in a room with a lot of sexy attractive girls and choose who ever you want. It's a great fantasy for me that's why I like.
If you want dfk, owo, cim and all the stuff then go some where else.

Offline sammy222

I am with you on that Mindful,if you want to shag a looker then LSS is hard to beat, Nicole and Nadine both fit that bill. I alternate between there and BSS depending on who is on and what level of service I fancy. No longer prepared to spend £150 on GEA or Edinburgh version, too unreliable.

Going to agree with hooples cat on Lucy at lss. Had the pleasure of being with her at xmas last year and thoroughly enjoyed the experience. ...I put up a report on here about this at the time.She wouldn't normally be my usual punt but was the best on offer at the time. I have too agree with the last two comments regarding the ladies at lss....if you want to fuck a nice young lady then this is the place .I just wish as a regular punter here they could maybe try and get some decent Scottish girls for a change...as I detect some fellow punters are maybe become tired of the EE contingent  which is presently there. I don't want to contradict myself in saying this as ive had a good couple of punts with some nice Romanian girls here...just feel if there was a bit more variety then it would be a lot better for us punters...lol

Offline sammy222

Spot on Duke, couldn't have put it better, variety at LSS and everyone is happy

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Offline DavidBrown

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