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Author Topic: Anyone remember Carmelita ??  (Read 417 times)

Offline RJCP

Anyone remember a girl called Carmelita (or something similar) who used to work in a house near Hainault (just off the A12) and also, I think in Wanstead and other East London or Essex locations - this would have been 3 or 4 years ago

She was always great fun and I wondered if she was still working anywhere - bit of a long shot but can anyone help ?

She was around 5ft 6 with long dark hair and a slim body with huge tits - probably around early 30's now

Offline RJCP


Just in case anyone can help ??

Apart from "..Essex locations" surely this falls under 'London' rather than 'East England' :hi:

Offline CBPaul

If she is who I'm thinking of she changed her profile name to Alessandra and periodically worked from hotels in and around Cambridge. Saw her in February this year and she said she was packing it in, haven't seen the profile since and it has disappeared from my HL, so I guess she was being truthful.

Gave warnings about other profiles with her pictures, one did spring up a couple of weeks ago but that has since gone.

I'm afraid it looks like a case of looking elsewhere.   

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