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Author Topic: Princess_Paris anyone seen her?  (Read 1806 times)

Offline Setodger


Was thinking of seeing Princess_Paris https://www.adultwork.com/802147 or https://www.adultwork.com/Princess%5FParis and was wondering if anyone here had seen her before.


Offline rogerc23

Have you seen her twitter pictures?I would give her a miss tbh

Offline Setodger

no, but I'll check them out. thanks for the advice

Offline Andre 3000

Absolutely hilarious photoshopped pictures in her profile. She needs to ask for her money back as they make her look 6 years older. I have a few videos on one of my HD's of her getting fucked when she came to London. She seems very filthy.

She's also done episodes of faketaxi and fakeagent perfect opportunity to see if she is worth seeing.

My congratulations to the person who did her photoshopping for her profile pictures. As they have done a very good job.

Having just seen her last killergram video she looks nothing like the person in the profile. As in the profile pics she looks like Brooklyn Blues older sister


she is in London end of June visiting Aldgate - can anyone provide any links to her video or twitter account as would love to see the difference in her real life pics to the PS AW profile page.
Thanks in advance


Found it - https://twitter.com/Princess_ParisL

Her pics on her slide show on twitter REALLY do not do her any favours - the photo shop guy really worked for his dinner with the AW profile pics!

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