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Author Topic: oriental elite size6  (Read 2226 times)

7 review(s) found for Japanese Elite Size6 linked to in above post (5 positive, 2 neutral, 0 negative)

Online Corus Boy

£200 per hour!

No face pictures!

Restricted services!

I'll let you go first  :lol:

Online James999

Looks Shit to me, crap pics, stupid prices and of course a Private Gallery  :thumbsdown:

Offline ledley

Wouldnt surprise me if it a new profile for japanese whisper as it is similar prices. Asians dont tend to raise the cost that high most of the time.

Offline Bushmills

I'm off to Cardiff for a couple of days and came across this thread.

I saw Japanese Whisper (and had a reasonably good, if overpriced time).

Text (and the min 2h booking for Nuru) on the profile sounds very similar... anyone been to check her out?

Offline sealover

Price now £160 ph incall, way too expensive still but those tits look just fine to me.

Offline Bushmills

My curiosity may get the better of me, so if I go to see her I will report back. I won't be doing the Nuru until I am convinced she is actually Japanese.

If she is a new incarnation of Japanese Whisper, then the service provided is good but I have my doubts about her being genuinely Japanese, as others have noted. At least the pics look like they may be her, unlike Japanese Whisper's ones.

On the other hand if she's someone else... :)

Offline Turtle1

Seems like a right old cunt. Im into my Oriental babes and she or He does not even have an enticing profile. 200 pounds an hour with 2 shitty pics.

 Retarded answers in the Q&A section like, "Q. Will you answer any questions on phone?    A. NO! i will NOT answer ANY questions on the phone,unless you have already made a booking online!"  Then post your number you daft cunt.

"How should i pay you?    A. The first 5-10 mins when we meet.and cash in GBP only."  ok?

and my fav...........  Q. Can you do nuru massage for me in my 1 hour booking pls?    A. NO,really sorry! pls don't ask!
i only do nuru massage in a minimum 2 hours booking,and it has extra charge!  ............. at £300 for 2 hours you wish to charge extra and not even mention the amount....

Just avoid this daft cunt. looks a a scammer anyways.

Offline ledley

I decided to get private gallery for this wg as her profile says there is a face photo... guess what, there isn't  :dash:

given her prices, lies about her face photo and irritating attitude on her profile, I will never go to see this idiot!  :drinks:

Offline ledley

this wg seems to be getting more feedback by the day on AW, still I can't justify spending that much unless she at least improves the photos on her profile.

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