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Author Topic: Sofia&Hot  (Read 1314 times)

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Offline tig75


Ok how to start this one.... well a warning it's going to be in the form of a rant!

This WG who is euro trash to start with makes me want to join UKIP!

I thought i'd try this girl as there had been a positve review on here about her, but cant seem to find it now, guess it could have been a different profile as the pics arent the girl i met!

First the coms were awful, one text message asking a few basic questions after a hi text from me and she didnt reply, so i was left having to tet the following day. 2nd attempt went well and agree time for a 1 hr £100 meeting. Next the only positive, the girl who answered the door was younger and prettier than the one in the profile pics. Redhead, about 20, with a size 8 body though small boobs.

Ok the service..... apparently after discussing what i wanted and what she offered.... i asked for a gfe.... what i actually got was the lepra services! She started with the lightest kisses possible which i thought to start with was her teasing me, but not lip contact is her version of kissing! The "cuddling" consisted of her sitting at arms length and running hand over my arm. So by now i knew i was on to a loser, oh forgot to mention the endless talking rubbish! The service was covered bj with two fingers stroking and no depth! Fucking was crap, so i decided to blow just to get her off me. After that more talking rubbish, a shit massage.... i thought as we had discussed two cums she might then give it another go as i didnt want to waste my money completely! Oh how stupid could i be, phone buzzes and she is off texting and completely ignoring me, then gets up puts towel on and basically tells me to go so the guy who just text could arrive!!! that was after about 35 mins!!!!

So to conclude....

i'm done with WG, i'm joining UKIP! And for the rest of you avoid cheltenham as it's full of the worst WG who are only out to take your money and some that have too say the least poor hygiene standards! Save your money go to bristol and see soph as she is the best i've had in 3 yrs of punting by a mile!!!!

So long and thanks for all the fish!  :hi:

1 review(s) found for the service provider linked to in above post (0 positive, 0 neutral, 1 negative)

Offline Johny Stone

If Im noy mistaken, this profile picture

belongs to another AW profile with a positive review here:


That Natasha Hot is no longer on AW

What is that?

United Kingdom Independent Party.....

It's the "polite" version of Hitler's ideals!
"England is for the English"...... etc.

Offline mnbvcxz

Ah, and what are their views on ensuring i always get a good punt?  :D

Offline tig75

bunch of small mind nazis who would band so many EE WG who scam you and make it harder for the good WGs out there!  :wackogirl:

I reviewed this girl under nickname Natashe, but I def didn't see a readhead girl so must have been a different one ( I am retty sure I saw the actual girl from the profile but she looked a bit younger). The service wasn't that much better than what you described though, which I was pretty clear about in my review so not sure why you are so shocked. No travelling Romanian would give you proper GFE, I think this has been established ages ago. Basically you had expectations for something that couldn't possible occur...you fault.


Offline lordship

How is it the op fault

he said he saw a positive review on here ( from you)

using the words fantastic,...

if u read your fb its all pretty good :unknown: :unknown:.

Huh? It was a positive for me at the rate.  I never said it was proper GFE. I am not delusional. I specifically saif she doesnt do FK for fucks sake. No FK,  No OWO = obviously no GFE so where exactly have I said something else and why did the op expect anything else? I had no issues with comms and service was as I agreed in advanc,  albait basic. Now,  I have no idea if dude actually saw thr same girl as she wasnt redhead. Maybe a friend of hers... 

Again...  :dash:
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Offline tig75

As you say alexy i cant say if the girl was the same but it had no good points for me apart from the brief appearance....... She said one thing and acted in a different way. And if nothing else cutting a session in half coz ur next punter is on his way is beyound negative! All in all i would never give the girl i saw anything but a stinking review she fully deserves. I would def agree with you that she could have been a friend as she did say her and her friends looked after each others phones but she said she wasnt in town with any of her friends that day. Though the previous day the town and that apartments had been flooded with them. If nothing else steer clear of cheltenham looking for punts as it's beyound a joke now!  :cry:

She is back in Bristol and now trading as Elwira.Elwira https://www.adultwork.com/2409741 or https://www.adultwork.com/Elwira%2EElwira

Profile blurb looks like it was written by her pimp  :dash:

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