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Author Topic: LadyMarmaladeParties  (Read 802 times)

Offline titanph

I know this topic has been discussed in full, and that is part of the reason that I know I want to tick off an LMP party off my to do list. The reason I am making a separate topic is mainly for one question which I think a lot of newbies would like to know (let alone most men).

What time/day do you with experience at an LMP party is best to get a somewhat low ratio?

I'm very keen to experience a party, and will be fine if it is a full party. However, I would like to try and give myself a less packed experience to try and ease myself in. I understand that men are clearly waiting for certain women to appear on the rota so you can't say a certain day or time specifically, but in your experience what do you think is the best time for a low ratio?

Tony Montana

This question has been asked many times and the answer is " nobody knows"

Offline andrei

its been asked beore and unless a punter attends every party for like 3/4 weeks theres no way anyone would ever be able to answer

BUT, if your idea is that you'd want a lower ratio party to ease yourself in i think you'll find its quite the opposite

if the guy numbers are low on occasion when i have been (for the record i have seen low numbers at every one of the time slots at some point) then the women go on the prowl looking for men, you will literally want to hide in the kichen to catch your breath

so in actual fact, if you want to be eased in, you NEED a ratio with a near full compliment of men
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Offline titanph

I meant eased in as in number of people. I figured this would be the response, was just seeing what a majority might think based on their experience.

Online vt

I guarantee it will be really quiet on Saturday at 7-9pm.  :D

But seriously...

No matter what the ratio is, I always come away smiling having had a great time.

My advice is go at a time convenient to you, when you're going to be most up for it to a party where the line-up appeals to you. Then when you get there, just let the lady who takes your envelope know that it's your first time and just follow her guidance and enjoy!!

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