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Saw Vesper about a month ago, last minute horn and fancied something filthy as previous couple of punts had been a bit vanilla.

Time/Rate - 60 min £160

Comms - Initial call as green light was on for availability, AW booking requested as she will only see you if you have feedback and then text for confirmation and address. Quick responses 2 hours from call to meet

Venue - Vespers home near Upton, Cul de sac so a bit exposed but plenty of parking nearby. House a bit cluttered and busy but clean.

Physical/Appearance - Full size 14 but she does have a big gut on her which was a neg for me. Facially 6/10 heavily made up but a good look for a dirty fuck. Great tits enhanced but pendulous. Age says 45 but i would add 5 to 10 on that. More Gilf than Milf. Wore what was asked.

Meet - Once through the door V looked my up and down seemed to like what she saw and pounced on me. Full on DFK from the first moment and hands everywhere. Came up for air and sorted out paperwork which she tossed on the side and pounced on me again, thought not going to make it to the room at this rate. Started up the stairs and feeling her up (no underwear as requested) and she stops so i can finger her with her giving encouragement and first dribble/squirt there.

Make it to the bedroom and more DFK, unzip her dress and release the puppies and have a good play and suck. Her hands are straight down my trousers  and then she is on her knees for OWO with some Dt with lots of eye contact spit and dirty talk in front of a full length mirror which was great. The managed to get naked onto the bed for 69 (Clean and shaved downstairs but maybe a days  growth and didn't rim her due to concerns from previous review but no bad smell.) Flip her over mount her chest and combined tit wank OWO for first pop all over her tits and neck with a lot of filth talk. Doesn't do CIM. No rush to clean up just lay there for me to admire my work ( Her words) so fingered her to a second massive squirt.

Clean up and rest time. Talked about life the universe etc  but a good thing is unlike others her hands don't stop moving touching her tits, pussy me. Start to get hard again so to stop her talking (she does like to chat) more deep DFK and my cock in her mouth. Told me to fuck her so on with the cover, missionary first but cant get great traction (big arse and thighs) so into doggy which is better and she is nice and tight. From there into Anal slow at first but then hard and fast, bizarrely her pussy is tighter that her arse was going to change positions but her fingering herself to another squirt more filthy talk and sight of me pounding her butt sent me over the edge for pop two.

Clean up and into the shower for me. When i come out she has changed the sheets and is tidying up, notice the time and we've overrun by 20 min, apologies but she's all good as she had a good time so not a clock watcher.

Conclusion - A good meet, two good pops in an hour and Vesper is proper filthy, i get the feeling that if she likes you the filthier the better. The dirty talk at the beginning was a bit formulaic but as she relaxed into the meet became more natural. Basically a proper filthy fuck with someone who describes themselves as a whore and looks and acts the part. Would i go back probably but £160 is at the top of my limit and in Dorset at the moment prices for Anal included with an English girl at short notice is getting really steep/difficult.

Negatives - Age/Physical not true to her profile(in my opinion) and not my usual thing.
                 After the anal some residue on the cover so hadn't douched before which for girls who i do anal with i prefer.
                 Last squirt was a bit yellow so maybe a pisser not a squirter?
                 No CIM (was aware but i do like it)

Positives - Eager to please
                Does what she says


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Great review
I always assumed squirting is mostly urine isn’t it ?

Offline slippyin

Thanks, regarding squirting not too get all medical but apparently its not piss and produced differently. Been with a few squirters punting and civvy and you can tell the difference. Link below might help

A very good review.
Comparing it with other reviews on here, a certain lack of anal hygiene seems a common experience. At her prices, (very high for a woman of her age in this area) one might have hoped for a bit better.