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Offline gthunter or

I booked a punt with a nice british girl in the early morning for the afternoon, but she disappeared, so, I went in the centre to calm down and I contacted this half nicaraguan and half spanish woman.

Everything via texts; she was free and I went there in 15 minutes.

Well-known location on the castle bridge.
Clean and nice.

50 for a quickie 15mins.

OW - sex

The Lady
She is honestly beautiful. Typical south american features, amazing skin, very hot body.

The meet
Just for a quick meet I can say that I had just OW (available OWO for 20), nice balls licking, very dirty behaviour, very very exciting.
I liked her, she probably deserves a longer meet, but her likes list is just to moke you. Most of services are fake. It's a pure Vanilla service.
It's positive because the lady is hot and amazing. Not too expansive in general, good nature. For a quick thing has been good.
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