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Author Topic: Anyone Seen Audrey Marshall?  (Read 800 times)

Offline King59

Hi guys, Does anybody know what happened to Audrey Marshall? I saw her a while ago and as I had such a great time with her I was hoping to see her again. Having said that, I think is was about 2 years ago.... I can't seem to find her on adult work... just taken a chance to ask.

Any ideas where she may be..?

Offline LL

Is that the same petite, Hungarian Audrey with the "page-3-girl" tits?
You know the girl who worked in Southfields and then Marylebone / Baker Street.

Offline endomorph

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Offline King59

No that's not her.

That's a shame. Thanks.

Offline King59

I think it's likely that she's not working anymore or she's moved out of London. 

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